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Sep 18, 2007 11:16 AM

who does whole pig roasts in mpls?

watching Bourdain yesterday made me hungry for some roast pig. Anyone know who does a good job at this in MPLS?

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  1. Sounds fun. You might this thread helpful as a starting point:

    Good luck, and please report back!


    1. do you want someone to come to your house/location and do a pig roast, or do you want to be able to go to an establishment and get a portion of roasted pig?

      prairie pride does the former in a truck they will drive to your location-- it's farmer direct locally raised pork, the farmer's son roasts the pig for you. haven't had it myself, curious if anyone has. prairie pride has a booth at the st. paul farmer's market.

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        I have a whole list of butchers I called trying to get pigs for our wedding last summer. Let us know which of the option you're looking for as soupkitten asked up ^


        1. re: reannd

          as much as I can prolly eat a whole pig, I am looking to just get a enough for 10 or so people. lemme see, me, myself and I and 4 kids and the wife...yeah, 10!

          1. re: buenosds

            so more of a restaurant. then, i am not familiar. if you ever need a whole pig i have an .xls file for you!

            there's a place on diamond lake road & nicollet that serves shredded BBQ pork 'until it runs out' every day.. - found their website: i dont know if they make a whole pig every day, though.

            maybe Taqueria La Hacienda #2's pork they shave off a big stick like kabob .. it's good! :)

            1. re: reannd

              ack-- now we're going to get into the old what is bbq/what is not bbq discussion. in my opinion and some others', scott jamama's isn't bbq at all, as his food is not cooked with smoke:


              having not seen the bourdain episode i don't know if buenosds is craving good Q or just a good fire roasted porker. so i should probably shut up, i guess! :)

            2. re: buenosds

              If you're willing to travel to St. Paul, try Tai Hoa on University Ave. They roast suckling pigs daily (the little darlings are hanging right there in the window!) and sell the meat by the pound.

              The Places link is acting up, but Tai Hoa is at 854 University Ave. W. and the cross street is Victoria.

              1. re: mcgeary

                mcgeary, any personal review on Tai Hoa? I've driven past a million times, but never pulled the trigger. Still, all this pig talk is making me ravenous!

                So, good pig, good prices? Thanks!

                1. re: cayjohan

                  I say give it a try -- I've gotten both duck and pig there, and give a big thumbs up to both. I honestly don't remember what the prices were like, since when I am standing transfixed in front of deliciousness that's something I tend not to notice.

                  I did experience a bit of a language barrier at Tai Hoa, but the owner is extremely friendly and we did fine with a lot of smiling and pointing.