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Sep 18, 2007 11:07 AM

Party Space for 80 thirteen year olds....

I am looking for suggestions for a party space suitable for 80 thirteen year old kids. I prefer something local (UWS) but might travel for something unique. The space needs to separate from the rest of the restaurant/facility, have a good dance floor/dj set-up, decent kids food, and not break the bank. Thanks for your ideas.....

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  1. how about Citrus. they have a nice private room downstairs

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    1. re: jenniebnyc

      Thanks. I've seen Citrus and my kids have been to parties there. Kind of a dungeon. And the kids really hate the plate glass window that parents stand in front of and stare into the main party room. Any other ideas?

      1. re: jcooper

        Not sure if they will allow parties for people under 21, but DIP is worth a shot. Will not break the bank and the food and private rooms are great.

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      1. What about the bowling lanes at Chelsea Piers? I can't remember their layout, but I know they do parties, are youth-friendly and have a pretty standard menu of, um, "bowling alley foods". In any event, its hard for me to imagine throwing a party with a private dj/dance floor for 80 teenagers in Manhattan without "breaking the bank"!

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          1. How about Vynl or Dean's?