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Russian food in DFW?

I'm seriously wanting some Russian food - my grandmother is helping me learn the dishes, but I still have work to do. I know of only one place in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex - Taste of Europe, in Arlington. I've bought some supplies there, but haven't yet eaten there. That's my next trip.

Are there any others in the area? Many thanks.

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  1. I've driven by this place many times but never stopped in. They've been open for less than a year. The website looks like it has authentic appeal: http://www.russianbanyaofdallas.com/

    A Russian spa/eatery in one? Maybe you can try it out and report back?

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      I tried to eat there once, but our reservation had been canceled due to someone (apparently a regular) wanting to reserve the entire restaurant. It seems to be one of those ethnic restaurants that isn't all that friendly to those who aren't of the titular ethnicity. If you go, be warned that it doesn't face the street named in its address. Keep going around the corner.

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        I've been there a few times with no problem. The sauna experience is pretty awesome and the food might be the best Russian food in Dallas but still isn't great. There's a specialty food store at Park and Coit called Gourmand that has tons of good Russian stuff as well. Specifically, the oreshki there are awesome.

    2. I've not been, but there's also the Russian Room on Coit between Belt Line and Arapaho in the plaza with a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. If you speak Russian, this website has a link to a review as well as a list of Russian restaurants in Texas:

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      1. Well, that gives me a couple places to try - the Banya, Royal Sweets, Russian Island Cafe, and Taste of Europe. The review of Nikita said it closed last year. I'll try and hit one of them in the next week, and will report back.

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          yes, most Russian places seem to close up shop. Too bad. If you need ingredients for any cooking, I would suggest 'Euro Deli Too" on Preston, in Plano. It is run by
          Russians and has anything any Ex-Pat Russian could want. Nice folks. They may even give you a Russian candy bar.

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            You didn't miss too much in the way of Russian food at Nikita. It was really a night club, and, outside of serving a pickled beet salad and Russian caviar, didn't really highlight the cuisine.

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              Royal Sweets is great!

              When we've gone, the owner has been extremely attentive. She's entertained the little one with books and a tour of the restaurant. She had whatever we needed taken care of and she was very accommodating about allergies as well. I can't recommend her enough!

              We thought it might have been closed because the lights weren't on when we arrived during the day. She was there and so was the delicious food. The cakes were so yummy we wanted one of all of them! She's also had several customers come in to purchase a bag of frozen pierogies to go while we were there.

              And she teaches Russian cooking classes! She said she has children's classes, but I'd be willing to wager she'd work with an adult as well.

              Definitely give her a try.

            2. Euro Deli Too at the corner of Coit and Legacy (Plano), in the strip mall. It's more of a deli/grocer than a restaurant. I can't tell you much about it since I don't read Russian. But their beef salami and smoked gouda were pretty good. I was told that their smoked fish was good also.

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                Yep also a pretty good variety of fish eggs.

              2. does anyone know where a good beef stroganoff can be found?

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                  Try Kuby's in Snider Plaza near SMU. I think the Stroganoff is very good. The place has been there since the 60's and all of their food is very good.

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                    Thanks...I never noticed they had Stroganoff.

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                    Cut up steak, add 1 can Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, can of mushrooms, and a half can of water. Serve over extra wide egg noodles. Better than any I've ever had at any restaurant.

                  3. I HAVE eaten at the restaurant at the Russian Banya of Dallas and it is exceptional! True authentic Russian food from the appetizers, to the salads, to the kabobs to the desserts. If you've not tried it, you should. You will not be disappointed.

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                      Where is the Russian Banya located?

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                        NWC of Marsh Ln & Rosemeade Pkwy in Carrollton easily accessible off PGBT at either the Midway/Rosemeade exit or Marsh exit to the north of those exits

                    2. Really that is down the street from my house. I thought that place was some kind of Russian Day spa. Is it open for luch and dinner? Oh and do they have a web site?

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                        Analisa's mom, the location and website of Russian Banya is on the original reply I posted to the inquirer.

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                          What is wrong with eat borscht and getting a rub down at the same time? They might even whip you with a hot alfredo noodle. I am pretty sure the facilities are separate and looks like they have a huge dining area. Maybe we should all fill the restaurant up one night soon!!


                          Our Hours
                          MON - THURS 10:00am - 11:00pm
                          FRI 10:00am - Midnight
                          SAT 8:00am - Midnight
                          SUN 8:00am - 11:00pm

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                            Deli News, Russian Jewish. They had a Russian restaurant fully decked for a while and even a gift shop in the galleria just above the skating rink selling original trinkets from the mother land (I picked up some cold war Russian militaria that I treasure including caps and a few flasks that I use for awesome gifts).

                            But, yes, Deli News has some wonderful hints of Russia. I mainly go for the egg salad on egg bread and matzo ball soup.


                            Hello kitty cat...

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                              Not to mention a pretty awesome bagel, in my opinion. hello :)

                        2. The Russian Banya is the only authentic Russian restaurant in DFW. They do also have all the Spa amenities, so it makes for a nice event if you want more than just the restaurant side. I found it by the review from Guide or Dallas Morning News about 1 of the top 5 things to do this summer or something. Really good and fun.... wnet back with a group of friends after trying it with just the spouse the first time.

                          1. Replying to my own post. And hopefully not breaking protocol by tooting my own horn. I've been busy since my original post learning and documenting my Baba's dishes.
                            Her borscht (not vinegar-based) is on the blog, too, but doesn't show up in that search. Odd. I have another one I need to finish up and post. Oh, and naturally I haven't done perushki yet. But the borscht is by far the best I've had, and the directions are pretty simple.

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                              I agree with Carnivore1. I went with my sister to The Russian Banya. She had spent a year in Russia and was totally pleased with the authenticity of the food. Personally, I was thrilled with the Restaurant. We also received a tour of the spa. It was late enough that we chose not to enjoy the benefits, but it has definately been on my list of things to do. I'd rate it with an A+

                              Russian Banya of Dallas
                              2515 E Rosemeade Pkwy # 401, Carrollton, TX

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                                I live pretty close to this place and have been in a few ties for lunch. Food is great and I have always gotten good service.

                              2. Has Anthony Bourdain been to The Russian Banya?