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Sep 18, 2007 10:18 AM

Delivery Chinese in the West Village?

Eater reports this morning that MaMa Buddha on Hudson Street is closed for business.

This means that I'm in the market for a new Chinese delivery joint (and yes, I know that Baby Buddha on Washington and Bethune is still open and has a similar menu.)

If you've got ideas, I'm all ears.

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  1. I used to adore ordering from Suzie's on Bleecker. They delivered all the way down to Battery Park when I lived there, so I would be surprised if there is anywhere in the west village that they won't deliver to. Check out their menu:

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      sammy's noodles is pretty dependable. i even make them deliver all the way to me in the east village.

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        When you write, "used to", how long ago do you mean? I used to eat there a lot (and loved it) 12-15 years ago, but haven't in a very long time. Is it still good?

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          I was also a big fan of Suzie's when I lived in the Village. But I remember being despondent when they wouldn't deliver to me in the Financial District; how'd you get them to deliver to Battery Park??

        2. I honestly think that Baby Buddha is the best for the West Village nabe. I'm Chinese-American so I'm damn picky when it comes to Chinese food. I'm NOT a fan of Sammy's (no offense to fellow Hounds). Their salted shrimp and their vegetable dishes were excellent. Also their lo mein, dumplings and won-tons were good. Not bad moo-shoo pork. Also thought that Baby was superior to Mama in overall quality.

          1. Thanks to all for their comments and suggestions. As it turns out, despite being closed for a few days, Mama Buddha is apparently back in operation (per my wife, who spoke with them this morning when she walked past, and as well.)

            1. Looks like a Grand Sechuan (sp?) is opening up on Hudson just north of Houston st. That'll be a great addition to the neighborhood.

              1. Sad but true, Mama Buddha has closed, this time it's for real. Rumor is some cooks and waitresses and recipes have moved over to Empire Szechuan on 7th Ave & Perry - with transitory supervision by MMB owner Chuck. Like it or not (we liked it ) it's sad to see Mama Buddha gone from Hudson Street. what's next, banana republic ? gap? CVS?

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                  Mama Buddha is a staple at our house, so I just called over there. The woman who answered confirmed that the two restaurants have "combined" at the Empire Szechuan location and their menus will be combining into a larger one as well. I never liked ES food, so I'm concerned what the results will be.