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Sep 18, 2007 10:16 AM

Birthday dinner near BU

I am wanting to purchase a gift certificate for a freshman at BU - I want to spend $50 ($25 for two people). She likes all kinds of food - any suggestions?

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  1. How bout Trattoria Toscona?

    1. If she likes Thai food, a big favorite with BU students is Brown Sugar. My BU daughter and her friends can often be found there.

      1. When I was at BU, we celebrated a lot of birthdays at Brown Sugar on Commonwealth Ave. Lots of varying opinions on the board, but I've always enjoyed it. Reasonably priced Americanized Thai cuisine- very nice atmosphere. 2 could dine heavily on $50.

        Eastern Standard is also good choice- right in Kenmore Square near campus. If the pair does not order drinks, the $50 should just about cover it.

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          Personally, I like Eastern Standard a lot better and the last time I was at Brown Sugar, I swore I would never, ever go back, but the college kids love Brown Sugar, as do many on this board. Eastern Standard is in a very different realm all together. More sophisticated and a much better menu. I think my BU daughter, however, would prefer the $50 at Brown Sugar, but when it is my turn, I would take Eastern Standard, no questions asked.