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Sep 18, 2007 10:05 AM

What time do restaurants close in Markham?

My flight gets in at 9PM on Thursday, figuring I'll get to the hotel (Courtyard by Marriott) by 10PM. Will I still be able to get some good chinese take out? I know the Times Square mall is practically across from the hotel, so I hope places will still be open. Anyone?

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  1. I'm pretty sure places will still be open in First Markham Place, but I'm not sure about Times Square. Lam Yuen (Richmond Court) or the few pho places might still be open for some decent eats, i.e., a bowl of noodles. I'm not completely sure, but I'm fairly sure that some places will still be open around 10 PM, since the club/karaoke kids start on Thursdays.

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      I believe Richmond Court is open 24/7. Wouldn't Richmond Court be considered part of Times Square? Anyhoo here's the tel # so you can check.

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        Yes, I've went to Richmond Court at odd hours, and they seem to be opened at all times.

      2. There is a Chinese greasy spoon in the Time Square mall that opens til well past midnight.

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          The restaurants at Times Square will be open. You have other options. Right next to the hotel - there is a complex which has Brix and Baton Rouge. There is a taiwan bubble tea place 'Go for Tea' and another chinese restaurant 'Tang's'. In the next plaza, there are other chinese restaurants (Asian Legend (Schezuan), Korean BBQ)). Lots to choose from.

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            Cool. Thanks for all the great suggestions. Looks like I'll be eatin' good. I was afraid I'd end up having to pick up a burger and fries from Mickey D's on the way from the airport. Thanks again.