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Sep 18, 2007 09:57 AM

what to order at joe's noodle house???

i have been there twice and been underwhelmed, is there something i should order that i dont know about??

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  1. Snacks: Spicy & Sour Pickled Vegetables & Boiled Peanuts

    Noodles: Dan Dan Noodles - traditional Sichuan street food
    Vegetables: Yu Shiang Eggplant with pork & String Beans Sichuan style with pork
    Meat/Fish: Sichuan Spicy Dry Beef Saute or the whole fish Sichuan style. also good is the double-cooked pork.

    Basically, try things that you wouldn't see on any other menu and you'll be happier!

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    1. re: naschaka

      Naschaka-the Dan Dan noodles, is it Dan Dan Mian or Dan Dan Noodles in a peanut sauce?

    2. No. I'm afraid Joe's Noodle house is REALLY REALLY overrated. I mean, maybe you go for the beef soup noodles and it's ok, but it's really nothing to write home about. I don't know why more chinese food places don't turn for "authentic" on top of the General Tsao's chicken. Anyways.

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      1. re: MFoxM

        The cumin lamb dish is really good. I like most of the food there and always order pretty unique dishes trying not to order the same thing over and over. I dont know how you go about saying Joes not being authentic but from reading other people's posts who are of chinese descent, Joe's puts out some pretty authentic szichuan food.

        1. re: cleveland park

          I'm chinese, moved here 20 years ago. There's a difference between "authentic" and "good." That's all. I'm sure they were once pretty good as I have read many good reviews about them. But the past 3 visits and takeouts left me feeling that they've jumped the shark. That's all.

          1. re: MFoxM

            What chinese (any region) restaurants would you recommend in the dc area?

      2. I love Joe's. So many great choices....

        Wontons in red hot sauce. Shredded radish, Spicy and sour pickled vegetables, Spicy and Tasty fried tofu. Fish filet over vegetables. Rice cake with pork, Szechuan Beef jerky. Peanuts with fried baby smelt, Homemade bacon with leek, Shrimp with scrambled eggs, pressed bean curd with hot sauce, pork leek stem and pressed bean curd, String beans szechuan style, sauteed shredded potato, cucumber salad.

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        1. re: Steve

          The wontons in red hot sauce always get raves. And I do like them as well.

          However, the wontons in hot and sour sauce are better. The sauce is similar; the difference is a hint of vinegar.

          Those of you who rave about the wontons should try the hot and sour sauce version.

        2. Triple Pepper Chicken. That stuff is like crack. I get the craving and there's nothing else that I want.

          Salt and Crispy Squid. Best fried calamari I've ever had.

          Spicy and Tasty Fried Tofu w/ Pork.

          Tibetan Style Lamb w/ Cumin.

          And some others already mentioned: won-ton in red hot sauce; Stir Fried Rice Cake w/ pork; and Szechuan Beef Jerky.

          1. Agree with Steve (though how have I missed homemade bacon with leeks?).

            Anyway, I'd like to add shredded chicken with pickled cabbage, salty and crispy chicken (to take with you as a snack later...), spicy noodle with spinach and ground pork.

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            1. re: Dennis S

              The bacon with leeks is great. The green bean dish with garlic is a must order for me. I really enjoyed the tripe there, too -- a first for me. The only dish there that I have even been seriously disappointed with is the duck tongue -- that was just weird. Not bad, just odd.

              Joe's lost their chef to Peking Cheers in Gaithersburg earlier this year.


              1. re: Pool Boy

                The duck tongues at Bob's 66 are much better!

                I think, right after the chef left, Joe's stumbled a little bit. And even on recent visits, some items weren't as incendiary as I remember them being. But I think the quality of cooking is back to where it was last year.

                1. re: DanielK

                  I just ate there yesterday and had some of the best food I have ever had there. Spicy & Tasty tofu was incredible, order it with the pork. Leek & bacon is a must. The dry fried beef is very hot too. I always tell them to use extra scezuan peppercorns and make it hot. THe latter is no problem, the former can be difficult. But not yesterday. Its always better if you order from Audrey but she isn't there 24/7. What's up with that? :-D

                  I kow a ot of people rave about dish H-20 but it is not a favorite of mine and I don't think it particularly hot. The rabbit appetizer and the fattty pork in garlic sauce appetizer are both really good too. There is a chopped long bean and pork dish that is wondreful in a group but way to strong flavored (not too hot) if ordered when you are by yourself. I love the spciy tofu appetizer as well.

                  They ahve various bean noodles with hot sauce that I think are really great. Their wonton soup is pretty damned good as is their pork & pickled veggie soup. The Cumin Lamb is another good one, its sneaky hot and comes on strong as you eat more and more of it.

                  1. re: deangold

                    thanks for the suggestions! I got the double cooked pork, the spicy pickled cabbage and wonton soup. it was decent, but i definitely dont "get it" like a lot of people do.

                    1. re: elegantelliot

                      Did you order one of the special soups from the Sichuan menu, or the plain old $1.75/bowl wonton soup? Because if it's the latter, then you got the American stuff, not the authentic soups. The soup they do well is the Beef Noodle Soup Sichuan style. And I think the double-cooked pork is one of the weakest items on the menu.

                      There are definitely less-than-great items, even on the Chinese side of the menu. But everything in the "Soup", "Lunch Specials", and "Popular Dinner Entrees" sections of the menus should be studiously ignored.