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Sep 18, 2007 09:49 AM

Buffalo Shrimp

There was a review in the Toronto Star on the weekend about the buffalo shrimps at the Abbot (on yonge). Has anyone else tried them? Curious...

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  1. No I haven't but I'm curious also...they sure looked good.

    1. yeah, i've been thinking of checking them out as well after reading that review

      1. The Buffalo shrimp at Tortilla Flats are great.

        Haven't been to the Abbot.....

        1. I tried them and they are fabulous!!!!!! They are actually one of the very few things that I miss since I have gone the kosher route....

          1. As we don't live in Toronto, I tried duplicating the recipe & I think I got the sauce right but the coating of corn flour didn't really work. For anyone who tried them at the Abbot, is it sort of like a batter or just a super light coating?