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Sep 18, 2007 09:48 AM

Dining Options at or near LAX Marriott

Staying here without a car for 2 nights in November, any ideas on where to eat? TIA?

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  1. Porky's BBQ is located on Manchester about 10 minutes east of LAX, and they deliver! They are head and shoulders my favorite BBQ in the L.A. area these days. The pulled pork is fantastic, tender and succulent with crispy charred bits. The ribs (regular pork ribs, not baby back or beef, which they also offer) were amazingly meaty and properly smoked and tender -- not that awful "fall off the bone" monstrosity. They also serve perhaps the best fried chicken in L.A. -- Golden Bird, and offer a piece for 99-cents with another item. Servings are very generous and prices are low. (310) 671-2900. The last time I was there I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and half a rack of ribs to go -- good for three meals and cost $16.25 including tax.

    1. Unless you are prepared to take a cab (recommended), the best that would be walkable from your hotel would be Shula's 347 Steakhouse in the Sheraton Gateway. With a short cab ride, you open up the possibility of the restaurants in El Segundo/Manhattan Beach and Marina Del Rey/Venice or, a tad closer to your hotel, Ayara Thai and Truxton's.

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