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CHALLAH in Chicago area

I am trying to find a terrific place for kosher challah north of chicago perhaps around buffalo grove, northbrook, deerfield, evanston highland park, etc.....i have been so used to the absolute best challah from a place in New York called Zomicks (they dont ship)that i find other places to be attractive to look at but absolutely tasteless. I need at least one very large one for my sons wedding and probably some smaller. Someone suggested my calling a place called Breadsmith in skokie..i called about a week prior to Rosh Hashana to get an idea of what he has and pricing. The owner said he was far to busy to talk and would not even give me the price of one challah. I called again yesterday now that things have calmed a bit. The girls there didnt seem to know what a large challah would look like nor size of them and couldnt give specific pricing. Told me after much prodding that i would have to talk to the owner who would call me back. I waited until about 5pm my time which was only 4pm chicago time and got a recording that they were busy and would call back and to leave my name and number but immediately another recording came on telling me that this persons 'mailbox' was full. This doesnt impress me as a dependable place. Does anyone know of a place for DELICIOUS challot in that general area. I have someone coming north from the oak park area who could pick up for me and i am at a loss.

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  1. Breadsmith does make a very good challah. They add vanilla to their recipe - so you have to like that taste. In addition to visiting the kosher Breadsmith in Skokie, several Jewel grocery stores also carry the kosher Breadsmith challot. The largest one is the Jewel on Howard in W. Rogers Park.

    1. BS"D

      I know there are lots of kosher bakeries in Skokie, and they're all pareve. Why not go to each one and do your own taste test? Each Shabbos requires at least 3 challot, so you can try 3 different bakeries and find your own favorite. Of course, this Shabbos is out, but there's still the seudas hamafsekes and the break fast, and then Sukkos provides an opportunity for several different challot. Finding your own favorite can be rather fun, too. Plus, you see what else each baker has to offer. Then report back to Chowhound on the best baked goods of Chicagoland.

      1. you could find someone to ship Zomicks for you-I have done shipped zomicks to people in the past.

        1. Breadsmith in Skokie does make an excellent challah and overall has excellent pareve baked goods - alas the other kosher bakery in skokie has closed so for other bakeries you will have to go into West Rogers Park - Tel Aviv Kosher Bakery IMHO the best kosher bakery in the chicago area and rivals anything I have tasted even in the NYC area - do not know if I have had zomicks -

          1. Here ya go!

            They also make the best parve pumpkin pie on thanksgiving!

            Shalom Kosher Bakery
            1165 N Arlington Heights Rd
            Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
            (847) 808-9300

            1. The above reference to Shalom Kosher Bakery was going to be my suggestion. I also enjoy challot from Tel Aviv Kosher Bakery(http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/2/17254/C...


              or Chaim's in Skokie (http://local.yahoo.com/details?id=171...


              Hope this helps!

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                Unfortunately, Chaim's in Skokie closed last spring. B&B supposedly bought and and was going to open a second location there, but that doesn't look like it's happening.

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                  Oh no! You're right! I completely forgot about B&B. So sad. Thanks for correcting me.

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                  Or Zingerman's mail order -- only $5.50 a loaf, plus $200 for shipping (just kidding.) Here's their challah listing:

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                    I'm fairly certain that Zingerman's is NOT kosher.

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                      Zingerman's in Ann Arbor? Definitely NOT kosher.

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                        Sorry, didn't mean to steer you wrong.

                2. There are lots of good suggestions, North Shore on Touhy (I think) in Chicago is also very good.

                  1. Why are you going crazy looking for a equal or better Challah?
                    If you love and want Zormick's, http://www.kosher.com/ ships Zomick's

                    1. With all the tasting and checking we have all come to the conclusion that Zomicks from New York has the best challah anywhere.....sorry, but some that people suggested that we try in the general chicago area were absolutely tasteless....perhaps they are comparing some not so great challot with others that are not terrific either....is there a chance that someone has the recipe for Zomicks challah? i would love to make it..thank you