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Sep 18, 2007 09:37 AM

Fairfield- dinner suggestions?

Hello all-

I, with a group of colleagues, will be in Fairfield this week working staying at Marriott on Holiday Lane. I need to choose 2 places for dinner.

The group likes to eat, has no diet restrictions, and is open to any type of food.

Any suggestions?

I've considered some of the bbq places mentioned on the board and will look into locations.
A place with steak usually is a hit with some of the folks.

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Just reporting on a good place we found in the midst of mostly chains in Fairfield.
    Cozy, nice Italian restaurant - Vintage Caffe. It's not very far from commercial areas but it feels far b/c it's in wine country area.

    Large menu with a full bar. I had a pasta with asparagus, shrimp, and mushrooms. Very tasty. The fried calamari is good- light. Colleagues seemed pleased with their meals. Nice option in the area.

    Vintage Caffe

    2522 Mankas Corner Rd
    Fairfield, CA 94533
    (707) 425-3207

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      Thanks for reporting back with the tip. What was your second dinner choice?

      Vintage Caffe At Mankas Corner
      2522 Mankas Corner Rd, Fairfield, CA 94534

      1. re: rworange

        Aack. Not so good. We went to the Blue Fog on the suggestion of the hotel. Touted a good bar. It was as expected-- owned by Marie Callendar's, but pricey side. For 3 people, the bill came to 90+ with a glass of wine each, and no dessert. I didn't know it was owned my MC before going...

        Pluses are there is an In and Out there, and Peet's coffee! Chains I like!

    2. Fairfield is pretty meager, there just isn't much there. You'll need to drive 15 miles to Vacaville (Old Town), Benicia (2nd St), or Napa Valley (anywhere) to find fine dining.
      Kinder's BBQ is close to where you're staying and has good food but it's mostly a sandwich/lunch place. (1363 Oliver Way, #C, Fairfield)
      The Happy Garden in the Green Valley center next to Costco is probably the best Chinese in Fairfield. Sticky Rice, across the street, has a decent bar and Asian/fusion food.
      Jalapeno's has quite good Salvadorean and Mexican food - worth a visit
      Bab's Delta Diner in Suisun City had great breakfasts, and does a good lunch too; I've never been there for dinner.

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        PS, Bab's doesn't do dinner
        Happy Garden: 5055 Business Center Dr. It's in a shopping mall next to Safeway
        Jalapeno's: 1690 W. Texas St