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Sep 18, 2007 09:32 AM

Good Vegetarian Dishes - particularly South 'Burbs, NW IN?

I'm going to be coming home for a visit next month, and I have a friend who, while not a vegetarian per se, is finding herself going more and more in that direction. She normally doesn't eat out much, but she and I do get out to lunch or dinner a few times when I'm in the area. Out of respect for her preferences, and just to give myself some new Chow adventures, I'd like to try to find some places for the two of us to explore, particularly in the south suburbs or NW Indiana. I'm not seeking strictly vegetarian restaurants, just trying to find places with interesting non-meat dishes. For example, many Indian, Italian and Asian places tend to have a good variety of meatless dishes, and even more that go easy on the meat in proportion to veggies. Or if there's a place that only has one "veggie" dish on the menu, but it's a terrific one, let's hear about that stand-out dish.

I know that the South 'Burbs have a semi-desrved reputation for not exactly being ChowHound heaven, but I'm sure that the local 'Hounds have at least a few gems to recommend.


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  1. The recently-reopened Cafe Borgia in Munster would work. They have a number of meatless dishes, ranging from pasta to polenta to pizza. Note, the new place is eardrum-shattering loud on weekends, louder than even Blackbird in Chicago. It may look fabulous, but someone wasn't thinking about noise level when they designed a place with marble floors, marble tables with no tablecloths, high ceilings with no sound-absorbing material, and almost-bare walls. Rant over...the food is excellent, just make sure to go at non-peak times if you value your hearing.

    1. Burgundy Bistro in Olympia Fields (on Vollmer) has a fairly extensive veggie menu. The service can be a bit spotty, but the food is always excellent.

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        There are numerous Middle Eastern restaurants on Harlem Ave. from the 70s through the 100s in communities such as Palos, Bridgeview, and Worth. Also, the highly esteemed Steve's Shish Kebab House recently moved from 63rd St. to ... Roberts Road? In NW Indiana, I've heard good things about a small Middle Eastern restaurant on Rt. 30, north side of the street, around Merrillville. A search of this board and LTHforum should yield specific infomation.

        Good luck and have fun.