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Sep 18, 2007 09:24 AM

bachelorette party of 20- help!

So, I need help finding a place centrally located that can host 20 women for dinner and drinks. We aimed for Belmont, but it's booked two mos. in advance for large parties such as ours. Can anyone recommend a place that can accomodate us?

1- The "theme" is 1950's vintage cocktail attire, so can anyone think of a place that matches this much as the Belmont would have? This is most important part. We will be dressed well and would like to feel like the effort was worth it.
2- A place that could accomodate meat eaters and vegans alike, with a good drink list.
3- Entrees that don't swing up towards $20/entree (we'd like to hit on all budgets- from student to professional).
4- If there is a room available that would help.
5- THIS SHINDIG IS SATURDAY! So immediate brainstorm is appreciated.
6- It would be great if the restaurant was downtown.

Someone mentioned Starlight, Fonda san Miguel, and Louie's- any thoughts on this?

FYI: this is not the "bride in veil covered in condoms" kind of party. No blow up dolls, lingerie, tastelessness, etc.

Many thanks in advance for assisting with bacchanalia.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Speakeasy , if available ,,,, caters from next door restaurant , and very good
      Sullivan's has private party rooms , but pricy
      Green Pastures,. on short notice, is quite nice
      tough on short notice.
      Stephen Austin has set aside the upstairs bar before . It's cool , has balcony, is vintage-y , and food in bar is very good , and within budget.

    2. If you did something earlier in the evening, you might be able to arrange something with 219 West. They have great cocktails, a swankier atmosphere than some downtown joints, and pretty tasty food (including veg offerings....although vegan might be difficult anywhere downtown).

      With Starlite, its a matter of space....just all depends on what is already bookeed there. The food is great, and if your less spendy friends are willing to settle for an app or salad then it might work well for you.

      While its certainly not my choice for sushi, I know that Kenichi has a small room for parties of about that size.

      Finally, you might try one of the "tapas" type joints such as Malaga or Saba. I've had hit or miss experiences with Malaga. Once very very good, once close to awful. However, this was always very late into the evening, and their cooks might be more on point around the traditional dinner hour. They have a good wine list and pour strong tasty cocktails (my SO really likes their martinis....and he isn't easily won over by many downtown bars). I'm inexperienced with the food at Saba, but it has a nice chic look to it that might suit your needs.

      Finally, I've heard very very bad things about Louie's. I haven't personally been but stories I've heard have led me to avoid it all costs.

      So, I guess my top suggestions would be Starlite or 219, with the others as a backup?

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        With 219 they have HH on Saturday's even from 5-9pm, so that will assist with your budget situation. Half off all apps and drink specials... Have fun!