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Ketchup Restaurant

My friend sent me this link, she watches The Hills and this place was on it, anyone ever been? Is it a typical pretentious Hollywood eatery or is the food actually good?


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  1. I have not been, but the reports have been that the bar scene is really nice but the food is unimpressive.

    Frankly, there's plenty of places where the food AND scene are actually good (off the top of my head Bar Marmont and Mozza), and so for me a place like Ketchup gets bumped waaay down on the list.


    1. I went for lunch so I can't really attest to the full scene. Food was surprisingly decent but the service was fall-on-the-floor-laughing bad. I'm sure it was an anomoly but we seriously waited over 30 minutes for our appetizer order of onion rings and another 20 for our mains. Several other tables walked out instead, but we were enjoying our conversation. I got the feeling like the cook quit (or died) while we were there and they were scrambling to get someone else to come in. Atmosphere is very midlevel LA chic. And word on the street is: they won't be around much longer.

      1. Found the link to their website (http://www.dolcegroup.com/ketchup/) if you want to peruse the menu

        1. I think it's okay. There's really nothing special about the place besides the atmosphere. I think the best thing was the fries with the 5 different ketchups. We ordered alot of food between the two of us, just to try everything, and the only thing I remember is the fries. Our bill came out to be around $175. Not very impressed.

          1. Ewww. That whole area is a sad tourist trap.

            Rika, Central, Norman's, Ketchup. They all close eventually. None of those places understand that Mel's Diner literally sucks the life force out of any restaurants in it's shadow. Hopefully after Mel's consumes everything, it will collapse in upon itself and wink out forever, leaving behind an empty Googie shell.

            For what it's worth, I've also heard that it isn't long for this world.

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              Isn't Norman's of Norman Van Aken fame, who's now in Florida? Or am I thinking a different Norman's?

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                You're right, but you have it backwards. He just went back to Florida. Norman's started out there, and the Sunset Strip location was a branch of his original Coral Gables restaurant.

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                  Same Norman. He was in Florida first. I really liked the place, I had some great meals and drinks there, but it was DOOMED before they opened the doors. It was too nice and nobody stops on Sunset between Doheny and Fairfax unless they are going to Poquito Mas, CB&TL or unless they are tourists, euro-trash (I mean this in an affectionate way) or both.

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                    You're probably right that they're having trouble- I got some kind of notice that they are doing a discount Sunday meal. That usually indicates that they need to stir up some business!

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                      I ate there this summer and agree, thumbs down. I felt like I was eating in Ruby's (not that there's anything wrong with that) and come to think of it, the menu wasn't too far from Ruby's also...

              2. I just got home from Ketchup, and I can honestly say this was the WORST restaurant in Los Angeles. I dont mind trendy restaurants at all, but I didnt get what they were going for. First of all, drinks were HEAVILY pushed on us, and I'm sober. I'm not overly sensitive either; seriously we were asked 4x times if we wanted drinks.

                I get the whole "High/ low " food concept. But this place? It doesnt make sense. They serve white trash cafeteria food, and they have a wine sommelier? Why?

                We ordered the flight of 3 different fries - regular, sweet potatoe, and cajun; with 5 dipping sauces. Describing them as mediocre is being generous. My friend had the "shake and bake" chicken, and it was edible. Edible, at $19! I ordered the Meatloaf and it was disgusting. Totally bland.

                Youre better off going to Mels across the street!

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                  Look, anyone who takes the time to drive to and suffers the agro that is this neighborhood, which I happen to live in, should bypass Ketchup, Mels and all the other food-hating sceneterias that curse this area and eat at Yatai. I can't believe that people will eat at an over-priced obnoxious concept restaurant that is all about investors and buzz instead of eating at a place that is about food. The staff, the owners, the space, the drinks, the sweet mascot Yotaro, the eats that come out of the kitchen, it's really worth supporting and I'm near offended that anyone would even talk about a restaurant just because they were mentioned on a TV show when there are delicious, cool, reasonably priced places like Yatai not more than 50 paces east. Seriously, I thought this was the CHOWhound forum, not the TRENDYhound forum.



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                    Magic Mermaid,

                    Which trendy restaurants do you like? I've found that they all tend to focus on the cocktail menu, so my judgment tends to be, um, chemically clouded.

                  2. I have to agree with everyone. This place just trys way to hard. Not worth the effort.

                    1. How the food tastes is totally null and void if you have to wait nearly 2 hours to get a table even after you had a party reservation! When the effing restaurant is expecting you and you've put down tons of cash on drinks and it's nearly 11:30pm, who cares how the food tastes.

                      The bad taste from the sheer rudeness will taint any good fries. Yeah, we had the fries and out of the 5 dipping sauces there was 1 with any interesting flavor, which one, I don't know, the whole damn place is bathed in red.

                      In short, go there if you are more interested in people watching while eating and vise versa. Who cares about the food when you're going there to get laid and look cool.

                      1. I took my out-of-town cousins there because they begged me to. Biggest mistake of the year. To say the service sucked would be too complimentary. I realize that a good dose of attitude is to be expected but I have rarely been treated so badly from management on down. You couldn't pay me to go there EVER again.

                        1. Seeing it on The Hills made me lose all credibility for this place...and I was one of those people anticipating its opening! Sadly, I've heard nothing but negative reviews for this place.