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Sep 18, 2007 09:10 AM

pre-Cirque dinner

going to see Cirque du Soleil next Friday and need a place thats walkable, or a short cab ride away for dinner...i was thinking maybe the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar at 6 and then cabbing over to Cirque which starts at that enough time? how is service? any other suggestions that are walkable/not too far?

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  1. also, i should add, the Cirque tent is at Cherry and Commissioners Streets in the Distillery District (an area i'm not too familiar with) but i checked google map and its about 2 and a half km from JKWB

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    1. re: apple_pie

      Well, there are a lot of fine places to eat right in the Distillery District, which would be walkable. I've only been to the Mill St. pub myself (which I enjoyed) but if you do a search for "Distillery" you'll find other links talking about where to eat there.

      1. re: JamieK

        Perigee, in the distillery district, used to have a pre-theatre meal, not sure if they do anymore. If so, that would be ideal.

        1. re: JamieK

          It's walkable from the Distillery District, but it's a 5-10 min walk (about 0.7km) including an extended section of an overpass on Cherry just south of Lakeshore that is entirely "grates" -- don't wear stilettos! And I also remember dashing across Lakeshore at the Cherry/Lakeshore/Gardiner junction, so if walking, you might want to walk along the east side where I believe there are proper traffic lights.

          It was difficult for me to grab a cab on the way out. There's a big bottleneck getting out so you'd be sitting pretty for a while. Enjoy the show!

          1. re: jinxed

            so i'm thinking the walking is not the best idea:P we've decided on JKWB, but i'm wondering, if i make reservations for 6 is that enough time?

            1. re: apple_pie

              I saw the opening Friday night show (simple, fun and amazing for a travelling show!), so taxicabs may have been a bit sparse before word got around...

              I took a cab there and traffic was manageable (pre-T&T supermarket opening), but upon leaving, we ended up walking to the Distillery District (including tippy-toeing across the grates - no stilettos but my shoes had a heel that would have gotten fallen through with every step) and catching a cab there...

              The Cirque food counter had very few (and expensive) items -- I remember hot dogs, M&Ms and $3 bottles of Dasani water. There were maybe a couple more items, but there were very limited choices. There was also a fancy-ish coffee stand if you turned left from the main entrance and walked about 1/4 around the tent.

              Dunno about JKWB, haven't had the chance to go there yet but it's high on my list! If only for the poutine... almost two hours for ordering and eating *sounds* reasonable since I haven't read any complaints about their service, but I'm sure that you can ask for their opinion when making your reservations, or check with the waitstaff if your order has items that take longer to prepare...

              Enjoy dinner and the show!