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Sep 18, 2007 09:01 AM

Brenda's adds Saturday Brunch

Brenda's has a Saturday Brunch from 8 am to 3 pm...

-with houseguests in tow, we stopped for breakfast yesterday and we were charmed... check out the Specials, please! We had Red Beans and Rice with Andouille sausage (my fave, it's richly flavored with veggies cooked jes' right and a good spicy sausage), the Granola Pancakes (two crunchy fluffly pancakes with a generous topping of fresh fruit) and the Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes (dessert for breakfast!) Good coffee, hand-picked, blended and shipped from a little farm in Guatemala.

-the beignets are calling my name ... I'll be back. :^) thanks to chowhound reports

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  1. I ate there last week for lunch, I liked this place also! It was almost completely full at 1 PM. I started with the watermelon sweet tea, which was a tad on the sweet side for me, but overall very good and different. It had some leaves in it which tasted to me like basil (though they might have been mint).

    I had the bacon and egg tartine, which was very good. Melted gruyere, egg, crispy and flavorful bacon and delicious tomato sauce/relish. The hash browns were good, but nothing spectacular.

    I think I'll also be back soon to try the beignets!

    Dave MP

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      I, too went to Brenda's for lunch last week (what I wanted was breakfast for lunch). I ordered one biscuit with gravy, and an order of apple beignets.

      The biscuit is delicious - light and cakey, beautifully complemented by the gravy, which is an off-white/light brown color, with specks of sausage.

      HOWEVER, the beignets were raw dough inside. I pointed this out to the waitress, and she took them back to the kitchen. Meanwhile, I got full eating the biscuit and gravy and told her I'd come back another day for the beignets (an order is THREE large beignets).
      Meanwhile, the kitchen fried another order of beignets. Brenda herself came out with the plate and introduced herself, apologizing and said the entire breakfast was on the house. This second batch of beignets was fried much darker than the first (obviously they were trying to cook the dough all the way through). They were barely cooked through at that - but the main problem was that they were absolutely LEADEN, not the least bit light or fluffy. In addition, it tasted as though the oil used to fry them might have been used for other things, too - maybe even fish, although this off taste was very slight. So, in conclusion - I would avoid the beignets until I heard that they have perfected their method.

      1. re: lmarie

        wow, how weird about the beignets! ours were light and fluffy. but nice of them to comp the breakfast.

    2. I went there about a week ago after hearing good things about it here on CH. I did go at the peak of lunch, so I was expecting the wait. I was a solo diner that day, and I thought they were going to set me up against the counter, but it took several minutes before anyone acknowledged me and sat me (at a table-not counter), and then it took another ten minutes for them to actually take my order.

      I really got irritated. But the Chicken Fried Chicken Special was really good. Nice gravy. The beignets were different shades of brown. Pretty funny. They were tough. I prefer Just For You's beignets over these any day.

      I don't know if I want to go back.

      I think Saturday Brunch is a bad idea. It's just too small of a place.

      More raves and rants on the blog.