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Anything good around Casa Del Mar (Santa Monica) - walking distance?

I know, how dare me not have a car.

Coming for wedding at the end of september. I eat basically everything so I want to know if there any really good places around the area just in case there is free time for me to eat at a non pre-ordained place that weekend. Not terribly price sensitive as it is a special occasion afterall :).

I would be willing to walk pretty far (1.5 mile radius).

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  1. For breakfast or lunch you are a block or two away from Cora's Coffee Shoppe on Ocean and for dinner you are a half a mile from Abode, also on Ocean, (both of these places are north of your hotel).

    1. if you hang around the hotel. the burger at catch is pretty darn good....but it is a bit pricey for a burger. =)

      capo is @ 0.5 miles north of the hotel on ocean. great fire grilled meats and i love their burrata salad. capo is definitely a special occassion dinner spot.

      tacos por favor is on olympic &14th. they are just under 1.5miles from your hotel and they have great tacos and burritos. their chorizo & cheese tacos are to die for.

      musha is also within 1.5miles of your hotel @ 4th & wilshire. great japanese izakaya and sushi.

      1. Urth Caffe isn't too bad of a walk and is a great place to grab a bite pretty much any time of day. Fresh, organic food and outstanding coffee/tea/espresso. (Sometimes I feel like the Urth evangelist on CH but I really do love the place.)

        Urth Caffe
        2327 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

        1. Library Alehouse is one of my favorites; I walked there last time I stayed at the Hotel CDM.

          Also, Hidden on Main is now open; just make sure you have nice walking shoes. *wink*

          Library Alehouse
          2911 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

          1. I agree with all the above recs.
            There is also Ocean Avenue Seafood on Ocean, of course.
            Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln at Broadway is an Italian market/deli and makes terrific sandwiches, notably the Godmother, but it gets crowded.
            Also a new restaurant which I want to try when it opens is also on Ocean at Broadway, Joes Pizza, a transplant from New York.

            1. check out Chez Jay...on Ocean a block or so north from Casa...

              1. Walk in any direction and you'll find a fantastic restaurant.

                Whist at Viceroy
                Cora's on your corner, for lunch
                Capo for dinner, also on your corner
                Catch at your hotel is marvelous
                Chez Jay
                Chaya Venice
                Library Alehouse (lunch)
                Urth (breakfast or lunch)
                Via Venetto (dinner)

                I could go on and on...

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                  definate solid rec's with chez jay, library alehouse & ocean ave seafood. and of course, the lobster at the pier!

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                    FYI-at Casa Del Mar they have a few bicycles they will loan you. This opens up an even wider variety of dining options. You could ride to Venice Beach and eat at Axe, Joe's, Piccolo or 3 square (more breakfast or lunch.) If you like to ride far, you could ride up the bike path north and go to Patrick's Roadhouse for breakfast or Giorgio Baldi for dinner. For special event fine dining, however, Capo is the best in the area.

                2. Thank you all for the suggestions. Due to the whole wedding thing, I only had time to do Cora's, Tacos Por Favor and Chinois. The reason I picked TPF and Chinois is because I am from Miami and our asian and mexican are frankly very bad. Chinois to me was similar in food style to China Grille in Miami Beach but quite a bit better, had the chicken salad - good, rock shimp/calamari - great, shanghai lobster -very good, sz beef -very good, lamb chops -very good, crunchy spinach -great. and the dessert sampler - good to very good and rice crisipies -great. The eggplant side to either the beef or lamb dish was outstanding. It was a pleasant experience and I would eat here again with a group of people as the family style portions make it a good option for a group that likes to share dishes.

                  Coras: had the blueberry pancakes which were good but not special and the burrata omelet which was a revelation. It was awesome. I did not think you could put a burrata in an omelet and make it work. They sure did.

                  Had a carne asada burrito which was good at TPF but again, nothing special, however, the choriso and cheese tacos were the best tacos I ever had. They were so good I went up to get a third one despite having the burrito and two chorizos right before. Their rice pudding was also very good though I wish it was slightly colder.

                  Thanks for your suggestions everyone and if I return to the area, I will try the other places. If you ever come down to miami you should expect somewhat worse food on average and far worse service but the ch Florida board has a bunch of good posters that can point you in the right direction.