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Sep 18, 2007 08:31 AM

Lunch in Santa Monica

I'm an east sider who just started a new job in Santa Monica. The folks at the new office are complaining about being in a lunch rut but I don't know the area enough to offer any options - other than Bay Cities, I've been waiting to try that.

My office is near Cloverfield and Colorado. Any good suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are two takeout places in the Water Garden worth checking out. Mrs. Winston's has a tasty salad bar (though no romaine lettuce by itself, which annoys me). There's a solid and inexpensive Italian place called il Forno right next door. Again, both places are takeout but there's tons of outdoor seating.

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      I know you didn't mean that the two places in the Water Garden are Mrs. W's and il Forno, (Mrs. W and il F are both at 2901 Ocean Park Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405) but it reads like that's what you meant. What are the takeout places? If not the names what type of food do they feature?

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        I work in the Water Garden and both Mrs. W's and Il Forno (just carryout -- no seats inside) are right in the complex. They are in the same building as Bizou. I'm looking out my window at them right now.

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          The things you learn. Thanks. We eat at il Forno frequently and never knew they had a take out place in the WG. Sorry to a and w for my doubting their info.

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            LOL! No worries. Just FYI, I think the prices are cheaper at the takeout il Forno in the WG than the sitdown one on Ocean Park. The WG branch closes at 6pm, but between 5 and 6pm there's a special menu where everything is $6 -- truly a great deal. Add a huge and fresh side salad at $2 more and you've got dinner.

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        Yeah, they've exhausted the options in the Water Garden and Yahoo Center. Looking more for stuff within a short drive.

        1. re: coopxl

          2 minutes away for French style bistro food:

          Le Petit Cafe
          2842 Colorado Ave
          Santa Monica, CA 90404
          (310) 829-6792

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            How short? There's a ton of places along SM Blvd like Sweet Home Grill, Monte Alban, El Super Taco, etc.

        2. Bread & Porridge and Rustic Canyon on Wilshire.

          The Counter on Ocean Park.

          Cora's Coffee Shoppe.

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            I'll second the rec for Rustic Canyon. The fried green tomato app is really good; save room for dessert, too!

            Rustic Canyon Wine Bar
            1119 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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              I second the counter. Amazing burgers.

            2. You must go to the Counter on Ocean Park and 29th (I think).

              Abbott's Pizza on Pico -- across from Santa Monica College is always good for a slice.

              Whole Foods -- excellent hot lunch options

              Read here on chowhound -- this topic has been covered many times before.

              1. Kaido is a nice Japanese restaurant with good prices for lunch. I enjoy the sushi lunch, 9 pieces for $8. Also the tempura and tonkatsu are pretty good. There is limited parking. Yale and Santa Monica.
                Also Tacos Por Favor on 14th and Olympic is great for tacos. Some say the best tacos around.
                Over/Under on Santa Monica has good philly sandwiches. Can't remember the cross street; I want to say 14th St.
                Joe's Pizza at Ocean and Broadway should be open soon. They are transplants from NY.

                1. I used to work right there as well. Here are the many palces I'd frequent:

                  Lemon Moon - Btwn Bunday & Centinela on Olympic (expensive but unique)
                  Big Jo's - Corner of Broadway & 20th (great unknown burger shack with cheap prices and lightning fast service)
                  Mr. Cecil's - Pico, just east of Centinela (quality BBQ on the west side)
                  SF Saloon - Pico just west of Sawtelle (bar grub...good for drinks on a slow day or an early happy hour)
                  The Arsenal - Pico just west of Bundy (might not open early enough for lunch but a decent Kobe Burger)
                  Wahoo's - Wilshire near Barrington I believe (fish taco's...meh. It's different atleast)
                  and of course the afformentioned Bay Cities, The Counter, & Rustic Canyon

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                  1. re: rlic80

                    Second all of these suggestions (esp. Lemon Moon) except Wahoo's. There's also a Fatburger next door if that's your fancy.