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Ethiopian and Persian restaurants in Manhattan?

Hounds - looking for recs for Ethiopian and Persian restaurants in the city (preferably in Manhattan). thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. queen of sheba is well worth your time and money: 650 10th Ave. a beautiful family works there, if you're lucky you'll meet the 6-year old son, and he'll tell you all about how he loves to swim in nyc.

    ghenet at 284 Mulberry St is equally desirable... the staff is super friendly and responsive and beautiful. their lamb is always delicious. i would say a trendier/louder crowd tends to go here.

    mmm--- might have to go get some injera tonight :-) unfortunately i don't know of any persian restaurants.

    1. In addition to Queen of Sheba (mentioned above), we very much like Awash on the uws (Amstdm/107).

      I don't know any Persian restaurants either. Sorry.

      1. For Persian, you can try Persepolis - on the UES - quite good.


          1. we used to get the veggie platter take out from meskerem (corner of 9th and 47th) but just recently defected to sheba (9th btw 45/46) - the bread isn't quite as good imho, but the veggies are better

            1. My votes for Ethiopian go to Queen of Sheba and Ghenet (the latter has much better ambience).

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              1. On York and 83rd there is a restaurant called "The Ethiopian Restaurant" I haven't been there in about 2 years, but I used to love it. Often we w would see Ethiopian delegates from the U.N.having lunch there.


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                  Had a horrible dinner at this place a couple of months ago. My food was burned, my wife's wasn't any better and neither of the two waitresses working could remember who we were or what we''d ordered. It was so bad it kinda soured me on Ethiopian food since.

                2. Pars on West 26th Street is a good Persian place. I like several of their eggplant and yogurt dishes quite a bit.

                  1. Manhattan Iranian food options include:

                    Pars--great appetizers, including kookoo sabzi and wonderful, smoky mirza ghasemi. I stopped going after repeatedly poor service, but want to check them out again.

                    Persepolis--the best chicken kabob around--oniony, saffrony, tender, and delicious.

                    Ravagh--was never impressed, but had great catering from there recently which makes me tempted to retry them too.

                    Moustache--not Iranian, but far and away my favorite Middle Eastern place in NYC. They have zereshk (barberries) on their chicken pitza, great saffrony rice pudding, great smoky garlicky chicken kabob served over a delicious lentil puree.

                    Mamani recently opened, with Iranian dishes tucked amidst a largely fried food menu.

                    As for Ethiopian, my favorite is Zoma, in Harlem.

                    When you try any of these places, please report back!

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                      I disagree on Ravagh v Pars. I went with a large crowd to Pars and on the whole felt like I had to explain how much better Persian can be. Ravagh (the downtown location is better than the uptown location) is solid and I order in from there about 4 to 5 times a month but I stick to the Kabobs which are simple enough to prepare (and hard to ruin). Cant comment on space or service. Ravagh's Roslyn location (LI) is a better than solid spot for Persian - with a mixed crowd of Iranians and others.

                      If you're willing to travel, you can also check out Patoug in Queens but I'm not sure its still open.

                      As for Ehiopian, I was very happy with the food/price point at Meskerem but they were understaffed. If you go there, bring your own alcohol.

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                        > If you're willing to travel, you can also check out Patoug in Queens but I'm not sure its still open.

                        Still open. I walked by there Thursday.