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Sep 18, 2007 07:57 AM

Apples in Calgary.....

I don't suppose anyone knows of a source of Cox's apples in Calgary. I miss these more than any other British food item & I have just not adapted to the small variety of apples available over here!

I was able to buy a load of them at the Farmers Market on Granville Island last fall, but have never seen them here at Currie Barracks. Am I missing any speciality stores/vendors in Calgary?

Failing that - which are the best tasting (variety of) apples in Calgary?

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  1. I'm a pink lady fan, and yes they are at CFM, some of the time at least.

    1. I know that this is totally off topic (well it still has to do with apples in Calgary ...), but has anyone noticed that at the grocery stores in Calgary there have been virtually no BC apples this season (in fact, I have rarely been able to find an apple from anywhere other than New Zealand). Now I'm assuming that this isn't the case at Calgary's farmer's markets, but sometimes I need to grab a few quick apples from the corner Co-op. What's up with this?

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        Peaches too. Had to search pretty hard to find BC peaches this year. A disgrace!

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          The Crossroads farmers' market had many beautiful BC white peaches in early August. But then the white peaches at Superstore around the same time were disappointing. In the supermarkets, it seemed like nectarines were more popular than peaches (based on casual observation of other shoppers).

      2. Try Orin apples, they are green-skinned, crisp, sweet with a musky undertone like muscat grapes. They are sometimes at Community Foods and at the market

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          Yay!! Cox's Pippins are at the Calgary Farmers Market at the moment - on the Sunworks stall. I stocked up on them & will be back for more if they are still available next weekend.