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Sep 18, 2007 07:57 AM

B&B's and Eating in Camden Maine

We would like to go mid-week in October to Maine and would love to hear of recent visits. We would like to stay in a reasonably priced B&B and also have lobster. Do you have any recommendations to help us out. Thanks.

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  1. in may 2006 we stayed at a motel in camden. i think it's called cedar crest. there is a restaurant on the premises that was quite good. everything was fresh. reasonably priced. we were even serenaded during dinner. it's a relaxed place where alot of locals go. not a tourist trap. wide range of foods. we only stayed one night but ate three meals there as the food was so tasty.

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      We did not stay at Cedarcrest, but a local told us about their pizza and it was the best we had in Camden and probably the best pizza we have had in a long time!! Crust obviously made in-house by someone who knows bread, toppings great--chef preps and sautees fresh vegetables himself--all great!! Does not look like a place to order great pizza--but is is wonderful!

    2. High Tide Inn is nice, and a drive up to Searsport (past Belfast) would bring you to Angler's restaurant which has great lobster dinners. Closer to the High Tide, the Lincolnville Lobster Pound gets mixed reviews but if you're just getting Lobster, it's pretty hard to screw up. Waterman's Lobster in Thomaston is the best around but I don't think they're open into October. Weathervane in downtown Belfast is a pleasant setting but stick to boiled lobster because their lobster rolls are mediocre.

      1. There are SO many B&Bs in Camden--have you checked the Chamber of Commerce site? Bayview on the harbour is great for lobster and the view can't be beat!

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          Not a B&B but I've stayed in the Lord Camden couple times right on Main Street within walking distance of everything. Refurbished, very nice rooms and to keep this food related, they have a good hot breakfast. (Off season might be continental weekdays and hot on weekends.)

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            Was traffic noise a problem at night? We stayed at the Whitehall 10 years ago (under previous ownership) in a front room on Rt. 1 and the truck noise kept us awake all night.

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              At night wasn't bad but afternoon and evening can be bad with cruiser types with loud pipes trying to impress the tourists reving their engines but the view was great.

        2. Timbercliffe Cottage B&B has great views of the bay from their front porch (where they will serve you breakfast if you would like). Downtown Camden has a lot of fun places to eat (some local dives, other higher end dining).

          1. What's your definition of reasonably priced? And when in October? The answers to those questions determine what restaurants will be open and what B&Bs work--how fancy a breakfast do you want?