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Sep 18, 2007 07:38 AM

Matsuri in South Miami

Does anyone know if they are done with their renovations yet and open for business again? Tried calling last night to no answer, but was not sure if that was just because they are closed on Mondays. Thanks for the help as always.

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  1. I've been calling regularly since early September (just tried today too), and each time there's been no answer, so I assume that they're still not done. Maybe someone who's driven by can give us a bit more info.

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    1. re: CarolinaB

      Just went there for lunch yesterday! Nice renovation, nothing fancy, just a well needed stylish redo. The box lunch is still there, somewhat expanded and up to $8 (from $7.50ish). All was good, the place was about 40% Asians, so you know they're doing something right :-) The cats on the sushi bar are all gone.

    2. I passed by on Monday, you can see its boarded up with white plywood. I'll see if I can stop into the shopping center. Maybe there's a sign that will say when they're going to reopen.

      1. Matsuri will re-open soon. I passed by on Wed. This time I got out of my car. The place was still boarded up, but the construction guys had the door opened. And it looks great! They were just finishing the outside. I only took 2 quick peeks thru the door. 1st, Theres lots of wood, and lighting looks better. Also it looked as if the bar is closer to the door, so they may have increased the kitchen area, But then it could be just that I could see the bar better because of the light. Also even though the place wasn't open. There were 2 sushi chefs behind the bar in full uniform. They were probably doing a test run. I could see Matsuri opening this weekend, at latest, next week, either way its going to open soon.

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          1. re: Auger

            Thank you for taking the time to look and let us all know! Great news!!!

          2. Where exactly is Matsuri located in South Miami?

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            1. re: jessicam29

              great... i hope they fixed up the bathrooms. They were filthy last time i went right before they closed up. I can't wait to go back.

              1. re: jessicam29

                In the Redbird shopping plaza on Red Rd. and Bird Rd.

              2. Passed by today and the white plywood is gone. But don't know if its open yet.