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Sep 18, 2007 07:03 AM

Tasti-D in Westchester NY

Dose anyone know where I can find Tasti-Dlite frozen yougart in Westcherster NY? Please help!!!!

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  1. Is that the yogurt featured on 'Sex and the City'? I don't think they exist in Westchester.


      The only one outside of the city "upstate" is in Ithahca. There is a link for CT, but nothing comes up in CT, maybe one coming soon, or failed and closed??

      1. I moved up here two years ago and went through Tasti withdrawals. Searched and searched and couldn't find it. Like many other things, it doesn't seem to have debuted here. Love Westchester but sometimes frustrated. I get my Tasti fix when I'm in the city.

        FYI Boston, Westchester hardly even has any TCBY's which will do in a pinch for some fat free/sugar free something. There are a few places with Only 8 but I don't care for that very much and they're usually delis/bagel places and the like and are closed after 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

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        1. re: laylag

          laylag, I tried TCBY once and that was enough.

          For the best yogurt, I recommend Bloomingdale's in White Plains. Expensive, but every bite satisfies. And the counter ladies are 'real' people.

          1. re: dolores

            TCBY, is passable for me. I haven't had it in Westchester but on LI and it's always been fine. I must admit it's not the yogurt itself or whatever Tasti-Delite is that's such a draw but the low calorie/low fat aspect of it and i don't know that the Bloomingdale's yogurt is very "dietetic."

            And Dolores, I'm ashamed to admit (but will) that I have no idea what ingredients are really in Tasti Delite despite it's "natural" claims. It tastes too good to be soooo low cal, no/low fat and natural but I don't care. I love the stuff, it tastes great has so many great flavorsand unlike Crema-lita (years ago found to be much more caloric than its claims and as a result was spoofed on a Seinfeld episode), there hasn't been a major outcry about Tasti actually being fattening - in reasonable amounts of course and without putting chocolate chips and m&ms on it.

            It's delicious and I wish we had some here. I will check out the Bloomingdale's yogurt though but I'm willing to be it's not a "diet" item.

            So Dolores, I admit that

            1. re: laylag

              I was thinking of just that 'Seinfeld' episode, laylage, and thought it might have had to do with NY's Tasti-Delite. Am I right in thinking Charlotte was eating T-D on 'Sex and the City'?

              No, Bloomingdale's frogurt (I think it's called) is most assuredly NOT a diet item -- they tried some diet flavors but they were yukky -- but as an indulgence, it can't be beat. It's also fun to sit at the counter and listen to the ladies banter with the regulars and with each other. Back in the day (when Bloomies first came to White Plains) I 'think' they included one topping. Now of course they're all extra -- the best are the raspberry sauce and the granola. More calories, of course.


              1. re: dolores

                Charlotte was eating Tasti-D. If you ever get a chance give their rice pudding flavor a go - to die for.

        2. No, haven't been able to find it. I get my fix when I'm at work in Midtown...
          One good place to try with yogurt that tastes TOO good to be true, is Last Licks in Scarsdale. Quite a scene, you'll see all the Scarsdale ladies there... But the Coffee frozen yogurt is better than Tasti D in my opinion!

          1. Tasti-D is not yogurt, it is made with fat free and low-fat milk products. I checked several years ago, and at that time there was none in Westchester, and no intention of expanding that way.