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Sep 18, 2007 06:12 AM

Baklava---how long does it keep? travel well?

I have been asked to bring a delectable dessert for a long weekend trip with friends. We will be having feta cheese omelette for breakfast one morning and I am almost sure something greek for dinner. I have been asked to bring dessert.

I will need to make it Friday night since I have class Saturday morning. Does baklava keep well (till Saturday night? I think it would travel well (2 hour car ride).

If not could you suggest a dessert that I could take that would keep and travel well?

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  1. Honey is one of the greatest natural preservatives ever. Your baklava will keep perfectly (and may even taste a little better) if made the night before. If you don't remove it from its original pan until you arrive at your destination it will travel very well. You could plate it before you leave home but there would be less chance of damage in a car if you don't take it apart beforehand.

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      Thank you so much!! This makes my life SO much easier. I already have a jug of honey in the pantry and a roll of phylo in the freezer.

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        I disagree. One of the joys of fresh baklava is that toothsome crunch giving way to the soft parts soaked with syrup and the crunch of the nuts. Overnight, however, the phyllo loses its bite and the dessert becomes mushy and a lot less appealing, especially considering how much work goes into making baklava. Greek rice pudding (rizogallo) could keep well, though. So would halva. If you're willing to deviate from tradition, perhaps a pistachio cake with whipped yogurt and cinnamon honey.

      2. Greeks do not use honey in their baklava. It is a syrup made with sugar, water, a little lemon juice, lemon peel and a cinnamon stick. When I make baklava i alternate every layer of phyllo with a layer of nuts. Unlke the baklava which has multilayers of phyllo with a center of nuts only, mine keeps quite well for days.

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          This is not true - being from a Greek family and having Greek cook books one being from 1957 published by Greek families they do use honey ! So I am sure it's your preference, so do not say Greeks do not use honey -

        2. I started laughing when I read the title. Last Christmas I lovingly packed some in a tin to take to a family gathering in Idaho. When I opened my suitcase it smelled wonderful but there were sticky flakes everywhere although the tin was closed. A mystery!?! It was eaten on New Years eve - so an overnighter is a breeze for the stuff - and it still had a nice crunch. Hopefully your friends will have some great coffee to offset the sweetness.

          1. You don't have to put the syrup on right away and can travel with the Baklava already cut and dry and add the syrup you are going to use when you are ready to serve it.