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Sep 18, 2007 06:02 AM


Heading to Block Island over Coumbus Weekend. Where do I go for great seafood without getting gouged? Any simple diner-like places? How about good breakfast joint?
Thanks, Moe

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  1. i love 3 sister's for breakfast. no inside dining, the whole building is smaller than most kitchens. but the food is great!

    1. Never been but everyone raves about the breakfast at the airport diner.

      1. Having lived on "the Block" for many summers - you can get seafood anywhere. For more reasonable prices, try The Oar, The National, or even Aldo's (casual family place with good food). Airport diner is a good place for breakfast. So is Ernies. I actually prefer Ernies - they have a MUCH better view and great, much-needed pancakes (after a night out at Yellow Kittens or Nicks!!). The outdoor snack bar when you get off of the ferry -in Old Harbor also has breakfast items (egg sandwiches etc). Have fun!