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Sep 17, 2007 10:24 PM

Black Pearl- Major Disappoinment

After reading much about this place, I went afterwork and placed a take out order. I ordered the lobster bisque, the baked clams, and the fried clams.

Portions were relatively small. The soup amounted to a cup and looked so brown you could have sworn it was gravy. Tasted ok, good amount of lobster in it, but doesnt come close to the much superior Lobster Place in Chelsea Market. The baked clams were the biggest disppointment. Got five of the most driest, overcooked baked clams ive ever had. Tasted like Matlaws frozen stuffed clams, so bad i ate only 2 and threw the rest out. However, the Ipswich
fried clams were pretty damn good as were the fries that were with them. But at $18.95 just overpriced. the soup and baked clams were each $9.95 each. So with a bill totaling over $40.00 i really paid that amount for a fried clam dinner. I'm sure there is a better meal to be had here but i dont think i'd be running back anytime soon.

Anyone else had similar or better experience?

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  1. The Black Pearl is not the place to order anything but the lobster roll, which is awesome. All of their other stuff sucks, IMO.

    1. I see absolutely zero reason to go to Black Pearl. I'll agree that the lobster roll is tasty, but not even in the same league as an Ed's or Pearl Oyster Bar lobster roll. I went and had strangely bad service as well. Weird juju or something going on in there. Better when it was in the backyard in the east village.

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        I agree completely. I really wish I'd read these reviews before I went (although i was not expecting to go there when i did and kind of had no choice in the matter). I was there recently for a 'celebratory' lunch with family and everyone was pretty disappointed in the experience.

        I say experience more than meal, because the food was not horrible. But it was not great. I had the mussels and they were fine, but honestly, I've had better at a local pub. The baked clams were really disappointing. Two in our group ordered the bouillabaise, and while I may not know the perfect etiquette for eating bouillabaise, i have lived in france and i know it is a stew- which, to me, requires AT LEAST a tablespoon along with a fork.. We had to ask for a spoon and were given teaspoons, which were just completely preposterous to use with the huge serving platter sized bowl the dish came in. And again, maybe I am ignorant, but since the idea of bouillabaise is that it is a stew, i wouldn't think you are meant to completely ignore the base and just eat the seafood with a fork. So that was odd.

        The server was completely spacy and strange.. Perhaps she was new, but between rushing us for our order (when the place was almost completely empty) and rather rudely telling us her name when we called her over, it all just made for an uncomfortable feeling. I am totally cool with her asking us to call her by her name instead of 'miss', but it needs to be done in a sweet, friendly way, not as a pissy response to an 'excuse me, miss?'.

        Ugh, so if i did have to go back, i'd get the lobster roll (silly me, trying to avoid mayo!), but i hope i don't have to go back! (And it certainly wasn't cheap!)

      2. BP is strictly for takeout lobster roll when you don't have the energy to go to Pearl Oyster Bar, Mary's or Ed's.