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Sep 17, 2007 10:22 PM


So I was visiting San Diego and my friend told me I must stop by Togo's for a pastrami sandwich. I couldn't find one, was I missing out? I went to IN N OUT instead.

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  1. no, didn't miss out. Togo's is ok for a work lunch. JMO

    1. A didn't miss anything. If you've never been it's certainly worth a try just to go. A special

      1. Although I LOVE Togo's (and their pastrami is great... meaty and lean) it is my "go-to" for a quick lunch or late dinner. In-n-Out was a good choice. For Togo's pics...

        1. I really like Togo's -- I think it is by far the best of the sub sandwich chains, far superior to Subway and Quizno's. Unfortunately, either their marketing or my taste is lacking, because both of the locations nearest me in Westwood Village and on Wilshire in Brentwood have closed. I do like their hot pastrami, which is tasty and a generous serving, but it doesn't travel that well. My go-to (ha ha pun) is the number 8, roast beef, turkey, and cheese, along with all of their veggie condiments, especially the pepperoncini that spice everything up nicely. Good food, prepared freshly and correctly to order (unlike the new sub place in Westwood called Socko's which can't get an order exactly right to save their lives), at a very fair price.

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            I think they're making a move. Togo's recently re-did their logo. I noticed as I walked by one the other day. Didn't make me want to stop in but then a friend use to work at one in HS...and well I've seen stuff. I'd eat there w/o fuss (basically good and good value) but given other choices, I'd take them.

            Take a look:

          2. Togo's Hot Pastrami... yum. I love their paper thin, extra juicy pastrami piled high on the onion roll with just yellow mustard. I have found few pastrami sandwiches better, especially since I prefer the thin sliced version. Even with the franchising of the San Jose original, the pastrami is still stellar.