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Sep 17, 2007 09:55 PM

Late night fooood!

Well, I have a craving for Thai One On but they close in 35 minutes. I doubt new customers are welcome this close to closing. So I ask -- what's your favorite place that's open until midnight or later? Hopefully I get some quick replies, I'll go tonight!

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  1. Too late for you, but the Palace Kitchen's open until 1 am.

    Several places in the ID are open late as well.

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      I had Palace Kitchen tonight. I went with two girls, between the three of us we split the Free Range Chicken and five drinks. All 5 drinks were ordered off of their drink menu (something I rarely do) and all 5 were great. The chicken ($19) was moist, if not a little too oily. The reason I chose it over the burger ($13) was an attempt to eat a little healthier, but the end result was probably worse for me. Total bill, for our five drinks and one entree, was $72. A little steep for my student pockets, but not overpriced for what they offer.

      I'd eat there again when in the area after hours, and recommend it. However, during normal hours, I believe there are better options in the area (Rock Bottom and Icon Grill are two favorites of mine).

      Edit: I should add, although we split the chicken between three, I don't want there to be any misconceptions about the portion size. I'm not too familiar with cuts (whole, half, quarter) but I'd estimate about half a pound of chicken (bone-in), with a small sliced russet potato and about half a cup of spinach. I'd imagine it could satisfy a normal appetite, but if extremely famished, probably couldn't handle the job alone.

    2. Cafe Presse on Capitol Hill serves food til 2am. Excellent frites.

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        1. beth's cafe on aurora near green lake is open 24 hours but the food is barely edible and the crowd is - how may one say it politely? - highly diverse and frequently raucous. the hurricane cafe in belltown is a few notches up for food but i think the best food in town in the wee hours is the 5 point cafe (4th/cedar), a 24-hour joint much improved by the smoking ban and home to the best french fries on the planet - available by the pound - an acceptable meat loaf (and other such) all in a good old-fashioned neighborhood bar. if you are thinking about 13 coins, go to denny's instead.

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            There was a 24 hour diner-style place on Queen Anne Ave. near mercer that was a good late night resource few years back. Sorry I can't recall the name, and don't know if its still there.

              1. re: passionfoodie

                Yes, thank you. Apparently the Mecca still has late night hours (till 2AM weekdays and 24 hours on weekends) and is related to the 5 Point, discussed above. I can't vouch for current quality.

          2. Thanks for the responses! The night I posted this, I ended up just grabbing Dick's (two blocks from my apartment).

            Palace Kitchen looks a little pricey for me personally (student here, I try my best to keep meals around $10) but I'll definitely give it a shot sometime. 5 Point Cafe sounds great, I think I'll try it tonight.

            I've heard a lot of great things about Cafe Presse (Seattlest, Seattle Times, and The Stranger all love it), it's definitely on my list of things to try. I didn't know they served that late -- great to know.

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              Cafe Presse is pretty tasty. Brought to you by the Le Pichet folks. Food is casual french bistro fare and very reasonably priced. Always have a good time there.