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Sep 17, 2007 09:35 PM

Staying the weekend at Marriott Key Bridge, Arlington

Hi, Philly chow hound staying at the above hotel. We are an older couple and my wife really cannot walk far so I doubt we will even walk over the bridge to Georgetown. Also, she does not like what she calls "exotic" foods which includes anything Asian. About all she likes is Italian or American. I love a great glass of wine and dont mind trying anything new. We would like to walk to a place from the Marriott. I know this is a tough request, but if you steer me right, I will send you to the really BEST place to eat a cheesesteak when you come to Philly.

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  1. Try the Orleans Steak House on Wilson Blvd. It is close, and an old favorite! I don't think you'll be disappointed. Also, you could take the Metro from Rosslyn up two stops , to Clarendon where there are several great places -- Hard Times Cafe for authentic Austin Texas Chili. Walk a block down Clarendon Blvd to Harry's for great drinks, and a good menu. Have a great weekend!

    OK, now about that philly cheesesteak???

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      The Orleans Steak House is absolutely dreadful. Vegetables that apparently started life in a can. It is good only for nostalgia. As you may not be able to walk another several blocks up the hill, take a taxi, take a deep breath, prepare to wait....and then treat yourself to what may be the best steak on the East Coast, at Ray's the Steaks. Check out the dozens of pages on this board,, and you'll see that while everyone bemoans the no res policy, the waiting (outdoors, as the place is miniscule and has no lobby area), and no-frills decor and service, the food is consistently phenomenal and the prices are mind-blowingly low. At most 2/3 of what you would pay at a "name steakhouse." And you will definitely get a great glass of wine.

      So - is it Chubby's or D'Alessandro's? I was a big fan of Ronnie's at 36th and Walnut but have no idea if it is still there. Please don't tell me Jim's, Geno's, or Pat's!

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        I agree. It is DREADFUL. Do yourself a favor and do not go there.

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          Of course, I would never tell you to go to Geno's or any of those other awful places. The BEST cheese steak and the BEST roast pork sandwich is located at John's Roast Pork. It is a small shack on Snyder Ave down hear Front St. It is directly across the street from an IHOP and in back of a Lowe's. It is only open for lunch during the week. There is no inside seating. Take a friend and share the two sandwiches. You will think you died and went to heaven. I think we will try Ray's.

      2. At the Marriott front door is the Georgetown Connection bus that stops by the Rosslyn Metro and then crosses Key Bridge to Georgetown along M Street. It costs $1.50 per person each way. Two Georgetown places that could appeal to your wife's tastes are J. Paul's and Clydes. You can ask the bus driver to let you off at a stop convenient to both.

        Unfortunately, other that Tom Sarris and a pedestrial Chinese restaurant, the only other non-chian restaurant is Tivoli which is Italian based, not bad, but somewhat overpriced.

        1. My best advice is to take a taxi to your dinner destination. Your hotel is somewhat isolated from the retail/restaurant area of Roslyn, the particular area of Arlington where you'll be staying. You're bounded on one side by the access ramp to the George Washington Parkway and on the other by the outbound lanes of Lee Highway plus the overhead lanes of Rte 66 plus the inbound lanes of Lee Highway. The walk to the restaurant is much farther than you probably imagined when you booked your hotel. Frankly, the walk to the restaurant I'm going to recommend is almost as long as the walk across the bridge into Georgetown.

          That said, I think you and your wife will be very enthusiastic about a meal at Tivoli Restaurant in Roslyn. Super wine list and reliably well-prepared Italian classics.

          Of course, once you're getting into a taxi, you may wish to travel farther afield.

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          1. re: Indy 67

            Your only credible walkable option in Rosslyn is Tivoli, which is just a few blocks from your hotel and directly over the Metro. It is quite good, but not spectacular Italian food. If you're from Philly, don't expect Vetri, but it is a nice close meal.

            For steaks, one of the best in the region is the tiny Ray's the Steaks, (pun intended) which is a short distance from your hotel up Wilson Blvd. toward Courthouse. I would take a cab, because it's a steep hill and maybe a mile walk. Get your reservations now. It's tiny and very popular.

            If you are feeling spendy and want something superb, Citronelle in Georgetown is one of the city's best French Restaurants. For Italian downtown, Notti Bianche is nice in Foggy Bottom.

            1. re: JRinDC

              No reservations at Ray's in the traditional sense. You can drop by in person earlier on the same day and leave your name to minimize the wait time. That said, it is well worth the wait.

              Guajillo, next door to Ray's, serves some excellent Mexican cuisine.

          2. You can't go anywhere on foot without some extensive walking. The Marriott is a bit separated from anything else, with an enormous parking lot between the front door and the curb. And anywhere nearby is decidedly NOT for someone who cares about what they eat. Take a taxi or the Marriott's own transportation system to the Metro. If you get into Georgetown, check out Mendocino Grille and WIne Bar or the Lounge at Citronelle (the lounge has its own menu). Pizzaria Paradiso has very fine pizzas, salads, and some other light choices, though it is mainly a place for 'za. Menus online:


            1. If you are taking a taxi Willow in Arlington or Sette Bello might be nice. And the cab ride wouldn't be too long.

              Ray's is very good, but prepare to wait.

              Also if you are taxing you could go elsewhere so you might search some "have to eat" "must eat" threads to find those places.

              I would not recommend walking as there isn't anything very close, and it is a very hilly area.

              You might also consider a taxi to Alexandria. There are some very very recent threads on good eats in Alexandria.

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                Willow and Sette Bello would also fit the bill. I would not do Old Town. It's a $20 cab ride each way from your hotel.