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Sep 17, 2007 09:30 PM

Best BBQ in Forth Worth

We're looking for the best beef and/or pork bbq'd ribs in the Fort Worth area for a casual Saturday night dinner this weekend.

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    1. Angelo's is the easy answer, but I'm not sure if it's the best answer. I like them, but it's a hard call.

      Railhead is decent (had better be, what with the same recipes),

      Longoria's in Everman has fantastic brisket (and brisket sausage, yum), but I don't know about the ribs (plus, not open for dinner).

      Cousin's seems to have decent ribs.

      The original Riscky's is pretty good, but I don't know as I'd go to any of the others - the food seems substandard at the others (plus, I think they only do beef).

      The ribs at JD's Backyard BBQ in Haltom City are fantastic, but iffy (sometimes excellent, othertimes merely ok), and not open for dinner.

      Fort Worth Weekly said that Mom's (Mom’s BBQ, 1509 Evans St, FW) had "Blew-us-away ribs".

      I'll also give a recommendation for Texas Pit Bar-B-Q, 324 S Saginaw Blvd, Saginaw. (Basically, NW 820 - it's about a mile or so north of 820)

      Hope these help.

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        And naturally, the new FWWeekly guide came out. They say the best ribs are at Old School Barbeque. Haven't been, but now I want to. :) There's also one I forgot the other day - North Main BBQ. I seem to remember them having outstanding ribs. It's a $12, all-you-can-eat, which just makes it better. Only open Fri/Sat/Sun, so check before you go. VERY casual.

      2. I really like The Smoke Pit. The food is good, they have different specials everyday, and just an all around, no frills, hole in the wall. Yummy!

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        1. re: shalisah

          Yep love the smoke pit. Part BBQ, part biker hang out on the weekends. It's a good place for just hanging out doing old school hole in the wall bbq.

        2. Thank you all for your suggestions. As we were downtown anyway, we ended up at Riscky's but I've gotta tell you, it was pretty aweful. I had a combination plate of brisket, pork ribs and chicken. My husband had the beef ribs. We thought we'd covered all the meat options with our two orders. Everything was way overcooked, or should I say oversmoked, and very dry. The bbq sauce was the worst though. Thank goodness it wasn't on the meat or it would have been inedible. It tasted like there was cinnamon in the bbq sauce; no depth of flavor at all. A real disappointment. I know Texas can do better bbq than that. We'll be back next year and give Texas another try.