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Sep 17, 2007 08:26 PM

Trattoria Trecolori

Went to Trattoria Trecolori Sunday night with four including my mother who was having a birthday pre-show dinner.

The place was great...the food was solid with pasta and the Sea Bass special. Everyone was happy and they made it a very good time.

I recommend a visit if your in the area of TS.

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  1. I too finaly tried this place, pre-theater with my parents last night. Thanks to everyone on here for always recommending it- we definitely needed new, solid, pre-show ideas & really enjoyed it!

    I had a great chicken scarpariello, which has been hard to find lately. My mom had a veal chop special that she loved (and was huge!), and my dad had another veal dish. I look forward to trying their pastas as well. Service was excellent & friendly, and the manger was definitely on top of everything too. All the portions were good sized and overall it was a great value. Plus, the theater was only a block away, so it could not have worked out better!

    Only thing I didn't really love was the chocolate mousse cake, which I normally would not order anyway- too much choclately is not for me. Well, it was very dry, not very sweet & rich/ chocolately, which normally is fine with me, but it could have used a little more flavor/richness. Wasn't there for the desert anyway, but it was ok, just nothign great.

    So thanks for the suggestion & somewhere new to go around there! We had a very good time there.