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Sep 17, 2007 08:13 PM

Antique shopping in Homestead...and of course eating too...

Went last weekend and had Rosita's for breakfast (it was good enough...great coffee) but didn't have a chance to eat a lunch, then passed by Robert is Here for a shake and he was closed, then I cried in silence.

We are going again in a couple of weeks (back for some neat junk...sorry pieces) and would like to have choices fo BBQ and Mexican. I know there has to be good Mexican food down there right??? Suggestions???

Also, I passed by a closed White Lion Restaurant that looked charming. Any good?


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  1. Lord, Lord. Don't skip Shiver's Barbecue (28001 S Dixie Hwy Homestead, FL 33033-1308 Phone: (305) 248-9475). Some of the best sliced pork and slaw -- not to mention the sauce -- on the planet. Ribs are good and the chicken is passable, but do not miss this one.

    I grew up in Homestead. Knew Robert when he was a kid begging leftover vegetables from his dad's friends.

    I'm long gone, but I'm sure there's good Mexican food as the Mexican families were migrant workers who lived there during the season and by now, they have to have cultivated some good restaurants.

    But do not miss this barbecue.


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    1. re: Bob Mervine

      I would love too read an update on eating in and around particular, the bbq and Mexican options on a weekend.

      Any comments on the fruit and vegetable market?

    2. El Toro Taco on Krome is really quite good! If you want truly authentic mexican, then go to the Farmers Market/Swap shop on US1 and go to the back, and you will see some mexican women cooking out of old school buses. AMAZING FOOD! Quite authentic, all the way down to the tripe stew. If you are looking for ambience then this is not the place to go

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      1. re: SarahChef

        Where exactly on US1 is that swap shop? I've only been to the one on Sunrise.

        As for Mexican options down there, I've tried a few. Rosita's is good. Their beef soup with corn and cabbage is great.

        Tortas at Los Aztecos aren't bad.

        By far, my favorite is Puerto de Vallarta, 24811 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead. There have been several mentions of it on this board. They have really good ceviche, seafood soup, and micheladas.

        As for Shivers, I've only eaten there once and I was unimpressed. I remember the pork being rather dry, and everything else being less memorable still. If you're taking the turnpike down there, consider The Pit, which is on 41/8th st, a few miles west of the turnpike.

        Let us know what you come up with.

        1. re: Nick

          We affectionately call this the Mexican Market and I'm there nearly every weekend because the have a big farmer's market. Of course, not much is home grown this time of year, but for Latin American staples, there is no place cheaper and more vibrant. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. are abundant.

          I love the ambience, but SarahChef is correct; it is not for the purely North American! The food is great if you like the various regional styles. However, it is all prepared with the working class Mexican and Central American family in mind; in other words, it is just the same as in those countries -- no frills! The fruit comes adorned with salt, chili, and lime.

          It is directly across from and a half block north of Puerto de Vallarta which is better in my opinion than all the Homestead Mexican spots, though nothing special. Shivers is okay, too. There is a real Japanese place down there too, but Homestead is no culinary paradise to be sure.

        2. re: SarahChef

          For me it is all about the food....that makes the ambiance for me....thanks! I have actually been to that farmer's market but there were no school buses the weekday I went. But I will be sure to check it out. I will report back when we go, but I feel breakfast shake at Rober is here (when he is back), shopping, lunch at Puerto de Vallarta, farmer's market shopping and the finally the Pit may be the ultimate plan ;-)
          I feel stuffed and excited already....

          1. re: yomyb

            I just happen to live in Homestead. Food......I like El Toro Taco (on Krome Avenue across from the police station) Rosita's is great (on Palm Drive in Florida City which is next door to Homestead) and enjoyed the Nica-Mex restaurant which is a combination of Nicaraguan and Mexican food. The Nica-Mex is located behind Losner Park which is a small park in downtown Homestead on Krome Avenue. El Toro Taco does not have a liquor license (nor beer or wine) but many of the regulars bring their own coolers with beer. There is also a restaurant named The Capri which has been in business 40+ years. It is also on Krome Avenue in Florida City. The White Lion is also pretty good......but not my favorite. It is filled with antiques and they have a pleasant outdoor seating area.

        3. Roberts is Here Fruit stand is closed until November 1. Robert needs a rest too! Shivers Barbecue used to be great!....but it was sold after Hurricane Andrew and the sauce and cole slaw just "taint" the same!