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Sep 17, 2007 07:58 PM

"Chicago Style Pizza"

I am always scared to order deep dish pizza at any place that calls it "Chicago Style". I almost feel that if they don't even know what to call the darn thing, they won't know how to make it.

Are there any dishes that you would try/not try because their name gives/denies credibility / authoritativeness to their makers?

And am i missing out on refusing to try "Chicago Style Pizza"????

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  1. Why would 'chicago style' pizza scare you? I'd think it would refer to a specific type of pizza which is different from pizza hut style deep dish.

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      I've found that there are a number of places outside Chicago claiming to serve "Chicago-style deep dish" which is anything but. And I've known a few people who became totally turned off to Chicago-style because of the atrocities served at places like Uno's Chicago Grill.

      For my own part, I am willing to try foreign foods outside their context, but understand that this is only a "glimpse" of what the authentic version might be like. So while I might not be the biggest fan of tourtière in NYC; I'll at least know what to expect when I try it in Montreal. (Everything deserves at least another chance)

    2. I wouldn't get hung up on the name -- the owners may just be going for a description that locals will understand. It certainly separates it from thin crust, although there are plenty of variations there. The question, as usual, should be: Does it taste good?

      With that said, you may or may not be getting the "real deal" -- what native Chicagoans (is that right?) would call Chicago pizza. Ask around! See if people like it!

      1. I rarely will try anything labeled a "Philly Cheesesteak" anywhere outside of Philadelphia( I have been burned too may times in the past before I learned my lesson, and gave up). For me to try one outside of Philly, it has to come highly recommended by a trusted friend, or source.

        Im a lifelong Chicagoan, and I dislike what is passed off as a "Chicago Style Pizza". I like thin crust myself, and really dont care for pan, or stuffed pizza at all.

        1. Whether you're missing out depends on whether there's anyplace in your area that makes a decent Uno's-style deep-dish or Nancy's-style stuffed-crust pizza.

          1. The term "Chicago-style pizza" is somewhat confusing. 80+% of pizza eaten in the Chicago area is a variant of thin crust, but "Chicago-style" invariably refers to a deep dish, pan or stuffed crust pizza.

            Whether or not I would order a "Chicago-style" pizza outside of the Chicago area would largely depend on the knowledge I have for the reputation of the place. Here in SoCal, for instance, I know of just a handful of places that do it well.

            That being said, a combination of bread, tomato sauce with spices, cheese and your favorite toppings/fillings is bound to be at least semi-edible!