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Sep 17, 2007 07:43 PM

Portland, ME this Friday night...

I'm traveling to Portland and am staying one night until Sat.afternoon.. Any suggestions where a middle aged woman would feel comfortable dining alone? I plan on staying somewhere around the waterfront and am told the Old Port section has nice little shops and several good bakeries and dining spots. Hotel/Inn suggestions in that area would also be welcome. Thanks.

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  1. I'd recommend you try out either Walter's (casual fine dining) or Duck Fat (fancy sandwiches and fries cooked in duck fat). You can read reviews of them here:

    1. I actually enjoy eating alone, usually sitting at a bar (I'm an almost-middle-aged woman). I'd recommend the bar at Fore Street (hey, live it up), or the sushi bar at Yosaku.

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        Thanks for your replies. I'll check them out!

      2. I would also recommend Fore Street (another middle-aged woman here!)

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          Thank you. My trip got postponed for a few weeks, but Fore St and Duck Fat sound great. I've read up on them and will try Duck Fat for lunch on Sat. and Fore St for Fri. dinner. Thanks again.