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Sep 17, 2007 07:20 PM

8th Immortal - great Chinese !

This is my 2nd visit and this time the food really impressed me

Here are some dishes that I can remember:

Spinach with beef: the spinach is probably simply sauteed but the technique or probably the leaves selection removed the slight bitter taste from the spinach. The beef was slightly chunky, well seasoned and very tender

Cubed beef in garlic sauce was stellar. Again, very tender and excellent marinade

String beans with pork(?) is different than the usual. The string beans were cut smallish and mixed in with onions, thin slices of chinese sausage - the whole thing was very delicious

Deep fried flounder was fried to a nice crisp that the outer bones were edible. Great frying technique. For a mere few dollars the fish was large and flat.

Fish maw soup was also great and well seasoned. No hints of gloppiness here, good base broth.

Fried pork chop was also nicely fried with no hints of greasiness. The cut could be thicker

Fried tofu with shrimp stuffing was outstanding. Good amount of minced shrimp and the whole thing deep fried perfectly. Awesome dish by all counts

Claypot tofu with salted fish: good fishy flavor for those who like anchovy taste.

Most of the dishes were from the SPECIAL section at the top of the menu. I think this is where all the top dishes are

Anyone else care to chime in - maybe other dishes they tried ?

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  1. Location: on Taraval and 25th, San Francisco

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      We've had quite a few wo choy dinners here - always reliable and dependable for good solid chinese food at reasonable cost. Love the place. Upstairs can get a little warm though on those few hot SF days/nights.

    2. Thanks for the report, I'll add this place to my list of spots to try.

      Dave MP

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        If you try to look it up, Dave, the real name is Eight Immortals. There's a menu at


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          Here's my report from a couple years ago,

          Very inexpensive and good for the price.

          Eight Immortals Restaurant
          1433 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA 94116

        2. More dishes that I enjoyed:

          Oyster egg: this is a different version than the usual Taiwanese gloopy kind. This was large round eggs fried to even golden brown colour. The eggs were probably beaten hard to frothy state before being fried in a very hot wok. Just superb and tasty. I will come back just for this dish.

          The house chili on every table is something to marvel as well. Very unusual in that it was not very spicy hot, but had lots ingredients that I am a bit puzzled until now. It also had a little hint of sourness that is very subtle. Everything was subtle but the sum of it all created this awesome chili.

          The 8 ingredients watermelon soup came in a large wintermelon fruit. Quite unusual and interesting. The waiter would scoop out the melon flesh and mixed in with each bowl of soup. It was somewhat bland and needed some soy sauce to liven it up.

          I want to know what other stellar dishes this place has ?? Pls chime in

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            Thanks for the updates. Miss your postings.

          2. Thanks for the review! I have been finding a reason to try out this place after movng in the neighborhood.