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Sep 17, 2007 06:19 PM

Yuzando Sushi

Had dinner here the other night. This is the relatively new sushi bar on Sawtelle in the same strip as Orris and Chabuya. While some of the dishes were good, the simple sushi was not. The fish was dried out and "tired" tasting: yellowtail, albacore, snapper, kanpachi all not good. A scallop roll and an eel/avocado roll were pretty good, but a spicy tuna roll and a salmon skin roll were no better than the type of food one gets at an AYCE type place. We did enjoy an interesting cooked dish of a soft shell crab in an uni butter sauce, this was by far the best dish of the evening. The place is quite attractive and service very attentive, but the fish is inferior to all of the quality places we've tried on the Westside (Sushi Zo, Hiko, U-zen) yet the prices are the same. I can not recommend this establishment.

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  1. DrHowie -- I appreciate your honest post. We were about to try it soon -- having tried most of the others in this wonderful neighborhood (this is the real restaurant row!), but you have saved us the effort. There are way too many other good-to-very good ones...and don't forget Kiriko on your list with Zo, Hiko and U-zen.

    1. I respectfully disagree with original post. I've been eating at Yuzando since they opened a few months back, and we've gone 4 times. EVERY time it's been consistently good, fresh sushi and sashimi (which is why I keep going back). I had the best chu-toro I've ever had in LA at Yuzando (yes, even better than Urasawa).

      Did you go on a weekend night? If so, the sushi's probably had some extra time in the fridge. Sushi on a Tuesday-Friday night is always a better experience than the weekend, regardless of the joint.

      U-Zen is my big disappointment, actually - I've tried it 3 times, and each time it's been stale fish.

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        It actually was a weekday night and it was nearly empty, maybe a total of 4 at the bar and 2 tables. I can't comment on any of the toro, but what we ate was far from the freshest fish. Maybe it was an off night.