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Sep 17, 2007 05:57 PM

Liverwurst: any real stuff left, and where?

I am seeking some good liverwurst, not the Piller package or anybody else with a name on the cylinder. I'd like coarse and then fine, maybe goose liver too.

I've gone through Bloor West Village, St. Lawrence Market South, and other assorted places.
They have liverwurst, but the name-on-the-package type.

Any ideas, for a place by a subway stop? I'd think St Lawrence North on Sat. would be a good bet..

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  1. Denninger’s,, makes some excellent leberwurst/liverwurst. While they do not have any branches in Toronto. Perhaps, if you contact them they can tell you where/if it is available.

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    1. re: thomasein

      Thanks...But I searched their website and could find no liverwurst: just sausages...

    2. Not near subway, but you could try Superior Sausage - about a block east of Crawford on Dundas on the N side, they do have the labled ones, maybe something better too (grab some Kolbasa and farmer sausages while your there too!)..or down on Queen W Prague Deli, again, I belive they have the standard kind, maybe something could call the Cheese Boutique in Etobicoke, they could have it or probally would know who does, IO have always found the staff to be knowlegable and helpful...good luck!

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      1. re: Recyclor

        I believe Superior sausage makes their own liverwurst. There was no branding on the packaging.

        1. re: crawfish

          I wouldn't be surprised, they are my goto spot for sausage, kielbasa and notch

      2. I've enjoyed the liverwurst from European Meats in Kensington market--it's not near a subway stop though.

        1. My husband is of German Swiss descent, and whenever I got the house brand of goose liverwurst at Kellen's in the Don Mills Centre, he loved it, along with many other German foods.

          However I noticed that since they moved to Leslie Street and are now called Leslie's Meat & Delicatessen (after the Don Mills Plaza was demolished), the store now seems to be more Polish... but they still make wonderful store made German style Saurkraut with speck. Haven't had the Liverwurst since they have moved - but you could always call and ask if they make it in house - it would require a bus ride from a subway station though.

          Leslie's Meat & Delicatessen,
          1881 Leslie Street
          (East side of Leslie, North of York Mills, South of 401)

          416 445-1620.

          1. I like Brandts Goose Liverwurst. For some reason not too many stores carry it. I buy mine either at Brandts in Misssissauga or at Michael Angelos.