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Sep 17, 2007 05:52 PM

Free Birthday meal specials

Are there any free birthday meal specials that are worth the time and effort? I haven't seen any comments on this board.

Thanks in advance from a someone celebrating the ?? anniversary of their 39 th B-day.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Buy one get one free meal at Red Robin,Black Angus. Used to be Tony Romas, but they may have stopped it, I didn't get one this year. Same with Daphnes. Free ice cream at Baskin robbins and cold stone. Free milkshake at Fuddrukers. I thik free appetizer at Macaroni grill. And the one everyone knows about, Todai. Except for todai, I think you need to sign up in advance on their websites. Oh yeah, free dessert at Melting pot and Bucco de beppo(sp).

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      1. re: burntcream

        Thanks for the tips. Seems like enough deals to soften the birthday blow.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. If you sign up on restaurant websites they often send you a coupon for a free birthday meal. Unfortunately I was out of the country for three weeks around my birthday so I barely got to use any.

          I think I got them from the following restaurants (and they were good for my birthday month):
          Black Angus
          Left at Albuquerque
          Pasta Pomodoro
          Daphne's Greek Cafe
          Sweet Tomatoes
          Baskin Robbins
          Melting Pot (free dessert)

          I'm sure there are others. CPK used to give us a free birthday dessert in person, but not so much lately. Chevys and Olive Garden will of course give you a free dessert with singing.

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          1. re: katya

            Yeah, but at Chevy's, you get stuck with those horrible hats which is reason enough not to go. (I think I have 3 in the garage...sigh)

          2. We make an annual trip through the tunnel to Massimo's in Walnut Creek after the 2-for-1 birthday coupon shows up in the mail. Pleasant if uninspired, not unlike Walnut Creek; italianesque, cooked by people who may never have been to italy, but head and shoulders above everything else mentioned in this thread so far. You may need to go there once to get on the birthday list.

            I've never failed to get a free dessert at Blowfish Sushi when I've been there on a birthday.