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Sep 17, 2007 05:43 PM

Sawasdee Thai (Raleigh) rec?

We're planning to eat there for a birthday dinner next week. My standby Thai entree is green curry, and I'm sure someone in the group will order pad Thai, so I'm desperate to try something new. Any must-haves or must-avoids?

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  1. We've always had good luck with the catfish, and with the spicy beef salad. We don't live in Raleigh, however, and thus only get to Sawasdee about once a year (and the most recent time was maybe 9 months ago . . . guess it's time to start planning another trip).

    1. This is our favorite thai restaurant. The pad thai is ok, the curries are all excellent. We usually only make it in for lunch, but have had dinner there. We have found the specials to be very good as well. The only thing we have had and not enjoyed, and it could just be the dish itself, are the fish cakes. More of a texture issue thing. They will make things Thai hot if you request, i have had my face go numb. They also take reservations, which if you are more than four, would be a good thing, as they only have 2 tables that can accomodate more than 4 people.

      1. Two thai dishes have ahard time not ordering if available are coconut ginger chicken soup (tom ka gai?) and panang shrimp curry.