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Sep 17, 2007 05:40 PM

Sierra's Mexican in Canoga Park or Los Toros in Chatsworth or Casa De Carlos in Woodland Hills???

thanks chow hounders

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  1. Los Toros, hands down. Sierra's is some of the worst Mexican food I've ever tasted.

    LT has been there for years, my family started eating there when it was a small, single storefront place. It's grown since then, and the food has suffered a bit, but it's still very tasty. Of course, you get so full eating the yummy bean dip, chips and salsa while you decide that sometimes can't finish, as the portions are nice size.

    Definitely americanized mexican, but way better than Sierra's.

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      Los Toros has grown more than a bit! It's like funhouse, the rooms go on and on. I love the place, but the reason you get so full on the bean dip (which is truly fantastic) is that the service can be very, very slow. But after one and a half of those wicked pink margaritas, you won't care, unless you or your dining companions are on the impatient side.


    2. All three are good choices.

      I like my margaritas strong, so Casa De Carlos gets my vote (they bring the bottle of tequilla with them when they serve the margaritas and ask if you want an extra splash). Their albondigas soup, enchiladas, and the bueno burrito are good. I also like the bean dip they serve with their chips and salsa.

      Sierra's has better tacos than Casa De Carlos and it too is a good solid choice.

      Los Toros probably has the best food of the three choices and they are always busy, but I have no patience with their slow service and their margaritas are a bit too sweet for me.

      1. It's nice to see the seldom-if-ever mentioned Casa De Carlos discussed here. Would be my choice of the three -- though I prefer the one in Chatsworth near the N/W corner of Mason and Devonshire (behind Carrow's). Have never been disappointed for lunch or dinner. Staff is extremely courteous and accomodating. The fresh chips, salsa and bean dip are almost as intoxicating as the well-made margaritas. Servings are ample, well-prepared, and nicely-presented. According to host/owner Larry Ruiz, about half of the current listed menu items are still the same authentic Sonora-style recipes brought here by his father, (the original owner), from his native home in Pueblo, Mexico. They used to have a Friday all-you-can-eat brunch for $6.95, but I don't know if that's still the case. Take-out, catering, and private parties are also available.

        Casa De Carlos Restaurant - Opened in 1961
        22901 Ventura Blvd. (west of Fallbrook)
        Woodland Hills CA 91364
        (818) 225-8182

        Casa de Carlos Restaurant - Opened in 1993
        20549 Devonshire Street
        Chatsworth, CA 91311
        (818) 993-1534

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        1. re: Gingergirl

          I agree, Gingergirl - I love the authenticity of Casa de Carlos's food! :)

          Casa De Carlos
          20549 Devonshire St, Chatsworth, CA 91311