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Sep 17, 2007 05:28 PM

unch in Stonington

Tomorrow...any suggestions?

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  1. That would be Lunch that I'm looking for

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      1. re: cheesey

        Noah's probably is the pick of the liter in Stonington. I found a website with some others that you could look at.( http://www.openlist.com/restaurants-b...) hope this helps you a little, Hope you have a nice day. Earle

    1. 84 High Street in Westerly is nearby, and excellent...

      1. It's supposed to be nice out-maybe outdoors at kipper's ock? Sorry, I had to : ) !!!

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        1. re: Gratin

          Awww Gratin... Sorry, I had to too.

          1. re: Gratin

            Missed all of the replies, ended up at Skippers Dock - it was so gorgeous out - we went for location over food! It was worth it... the weather was perfect!

            1. re: harryharry

              It was a great day. I hope the bees weren't too bothersome!