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Sep 17, 2007 05:13 PM

Corn Whiskey - Who Drinks This Stuff?

My SO and I went to the liquor store and he was fascinated by the fact that there was a clear whiskey in a mason jar. In spite of my attempts to steer him towards the Woodford Reserve/Basil Hayden/Bookers shelf, he purchased a jar. We got home, opened it up laughing, sniffed the aroma, and looked at eachother in horror. There was no way we could drink this on the rocks and the only mixer we had was Gatorade.

So a couple of Gatorade and Georgia Moon's later, we went to bed laughing again. The next night we tried mixing it with fruit juice, which somehow made the corniness worse.

So that is where this question arose: Who drinks this stuff and in what manner?

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  1. I drink Hudson Baby Bourbon which is made of 100% corn. It's not my favorite bourbon in the world, but it's certainly got a unique flavor profile and serves a place in my cabinet.

    1. Imagine that you are in a village in Tuscany and an old man served you a glass of it and called it grappa.

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        I do think that grappa is from grapes.

        1. re: JRCann

          but the taste is the same, i think that's what Chinon00 meant.

      2. I live in North Carolina - who doesn't?

        Kidding - although when I do drink it it sho nuff didn't come from the store!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. You can't really compare that stuff to "legitimate" illegal liquor- it really isn't the same thing. I've only had "home-distilled" products four times in my life, but in each and every case it was wonderful- not at all like that Georgia Moon stuff...