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Sep 17, 2007 05:07 PM

Need Creative ways to garnish drinks for a childrens party

I know the ususal way of garnishing drinks with speared cherries, pineapples etc., but I am looking for a more creative way for a Candyland themed birthday party. So far I came up with rimming the glasses with flavored sugar and using gumdrop skewers. Are there any other colorful ways to present drinks. The drinks will be for children and parents and I just want them to look pretty and colorful. Any other decor ideas or food tips are appreciated too!

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  1. Hmm. What fun!!

    Gummy worms in apple juice
    Those gummy rings hanging on the side of a glass, or other gummy fruits

    1. If it's all about candy, use Twizzlers for straws!

      1. Rock candy on a stick makes a very pretty and cool swizzle stick.
        Red licorice is a straw too.

        1. The trick is with kids to keep their attention for more than ten seconds.
          With little girls decorate the glass bottles (like old olive oil or balsamic glass bottles) with lint and beads with their name on the bottle neck with colourfull juice on the inside to match. With cork or screw on tops and keep the straw tied to it with the lint aswell. . Keep it healthy, bugger the sweets. Boys the same just get old green soldiers and hang them on the bottle with their names. Toys and healthy juices. Easy.

          1. You can buy peppermint sticks that are porous enough inside to serve as straws. I remember when I was little, we'd jam King Leo peppermint candy sticks into lemons and suck up the juice. If you were serving lemonade, or iced tea, or something similar, this would work.
            (I think I've seen special candy straws in flavors that would compliment iced tea, but I can't remember the brand or where I saw them.


            If you're serving hot drinks (coffee, cocoa), you can make chocolate covered spoons for swirling into the drinks.

            You could also use that pixy stix powdered candy in lieu of flavored sugar to rim glasses. Or powdered cocoa if that'll suit the drinks better.

            Always fun are plastic cocktail animals and figures you can perch on the edges of glasses. I admit to sometimes going to a bar near me just because they decorate their drinks with these. They really never lose their appeal.