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Sep 17, 2007 04:46 PM

HELP! Need Patak's relishes and my usual haunts have empty shelves

I've usually been able to pick up the Patak's mango and lime pickles at Whole Foods, but all of the ones in DC proper are out (and at least two of them have been out for weeks). Neither Dean & Deluca nor Balducci's carry the mango or lime pickles. I need suggestions fast and close as I can't travel to Virginia or Maryland for at least. I'm really jonesing.


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  1. Not sure which exact varieties of Patak's products they have in stock at Rodman's, but worth a call:

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    1. re: Lydia R

      Yes, I also see them at Rodman's but like everything else, they have the most random, hit-or-miss stocking system in the world. It is absolutely infuriating. You go in there anticipating that they won't have some (or ANY) of the items you are looking for. I've taken to ordering this kind of stuff from Amazon or other online purveyors. I believe strongly in patronizing local businesses, but I have only so much time and patience, and Rodman's is only worthwhile when you feel like exploring and buying on whim.

      1. My local Safeway (Wilson Boulevard in Ballston) carries a great selection and is consistently well-stocked. Perhaps there is a store closer to you in DC. I love Patak's relishes and curry pastes, especially as many are produced in Heywood, England, next to my home town.

        1. I see them all the time at Harris Teeter in NoVA, check their DC outlets

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            There currently are no Harris Teeters in DC. Are any planned?

          2. I live in Rockville, and bought the pickles from the Indian grocery stores, which there are plenty in the burbs. Aren't there any Indian stores in DC? worth calling them, perhaps?