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Sep 17, 2007 04:39 PM

New Thai in Woodside (EGB)

EGB is a new "Thai & American" restaurant, just east of the 52nd St station (7 train).
I stopped in today to grab the menu. The place looks nice enough, but the menu is very scary. Along with the expected Thai dishes, they have a too-broad hodgepodge selection from other cuisines. While this usually means that most dishes are prepared poorly, I'm hoping that at least the Thai dishes might be good (I'm not holding my breath though).

Everyone knows the usual Thai dishes to expect. Here's what I didn't expect (despite the "& American"): Chili con carne, tabouleh, Cobb salad, Tuscan salad, a large selection of burgers and kai-yang (chicken breast sandwiches) in flavors such as "OJ simpsons", "Pope" and "Da vinci". Oh boy.

Based on the number of items on the menu alone, I would guess their specialty is the burger (they have 34!). But I am rather hoping that they excel at the handful of Thai salads (larb).

Northside of Roosevelt Ave, near 54th St

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  1. That reminds me of a place on 31st Street in Manhattan called "Joey Thai", Joey was running a Blimpies sandwich shop and decided to start serving some Thai home cooking, then put burgers and chicken sandwiches back on the menu, and eventually took them off again. His curries were perfectly acceptable, I would get them for take out from time to time.

    But with all the good Thai in Queens I doubt I'd bother going there assuming the ceiling for this place is the level of Joey Thai.

    What great timing to introduce a new "OJ Simpson Chicken Sandwich", huh?

    1. walked by and stopped in today, got a delivery menu. They have some desserts apparently from the same supplier as sripraphai. The woman was incredibly friendly. Googling Kai Yang has piqued my interest. Will probably order some Thai soon to check it out. Opening a Thai place in this part of Queens has to be tough.

      1. As I passed by EGB today (I have not eaten there), I noticed a different menu posted on the window. Thankfully, the entire roster of burgers was missing, and replaced by a good looking roster of Thai dishes. They didn't have a takeout menu, so I have no details to offer.

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          Came across Dave Cook's visit to EGB. Hmm, maybe I need to see if I can still grab a burger there:

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            How interesting. One of the best burgers I've ever had was at a Thai place in LA (closed a few years ago). I'll check this out.

            1. re: E Eto

              Incidentally, the owner is from Issan if you're planning on checking out the Thai stuff also.

        2. I don't know what the deal is with three new Thai restaurants opening in Woodside in the past couple months (UThai, EGB and I Am Thai on 43rd avenue and 49th Street). I hope at least one of them survives. But for takeout we've long been fans of the Thai Malay Cafe on 52nd and Skillman and would hate to see them go.

          We went to EGB a few weeks ago and I had the Thailand Burger: a burger with peanut sauce. It was very good.

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            New Thai openings are spreading to Astoria. I was in Astoria today and noticed a fairly new one called Benjamas Taste of Thai at 3416 Broadway. Another one is under construction a block away at 33rd St. I may visit Benjamas for lunch next week. Lunch is $7 which includes both salad and soup and is served until 4PM. The Salmon Chu Chee Curry is $9.

          2. The original comment has been removed