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Sep 17, 2007 04:06 PM

Best place to buy organic/free-range meats & poultry - Seattle

I just moved here, and am looking for a good butcher with mostly (or all) local, free-range or organic meat and poultry. If they make their own sausage that would be a huge plus as well.

(Clancey's Meat & Fish Market in Minneapolis was my local butcher - if you're familiar with them that will give you an idea of what I'm looking for. If not, hopefully the above description will be enough :-)

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  1. Not Seattle, but The Meat Shop in Tacoma is great. But, definitely out of the way, especially since they're outside of what I would normally think of as Tacoma. We stock up when we do go. The only things we haven't been crazy about are their bacon and their beef weiners. Other sausages have been very good and they don't use nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, sugar or MSG in any of their cured meats. http://www.meatshopoftacoma.com/

    1. I'd hit the farmer's markets, specifically Ballard and U-Dist.

      Skagit River Ranch and Seabreeze are the first two places I would hit. And they both make their own sausage, but there are numerous meat vendors now.

      Thundering Hooves also delivers to the area (we got our turkey from them last year).

      1. Ms. C, All of the meats at Whole Foods are organic. For local organic pork and lamb, Lopez Island Farms offers fantastic meat. (Those of you Chowhounds that have never tasted true free range, organic pork will be amazed at the texture and flavor difference.)

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          Are all of Whole Foods' meats also free range? Just curious.

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            "Free range" is a term only used with poultry, and I'm pretty sure they are.

        2. The meat departments at PCC Natural Markets. I also second the farmer's market vendors suggested by jaydeflix, if you want to buy right from the source.

          Not sure what neighborhood you're in, but it's generally easy to find naturally raised meats in any better grocery store.

          1. Thanks for the variety of suggestions! I'll be checking them out over the next few weeks.