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rachel's natural yogurt

it was featured in 'daily candy' today, and sounds fabulous. anyone seen/tried it?


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  1. I had it and was not all that impressed. I belive I had the Vanilla Chai flavor.

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      appreciate the review. of course, that would have been my flavor choice too, so i might have to rethink it.

      where did you buy it? a local store in texas, or a chain where i might be able to track it down in l.a.? thanks!

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        I bought it at a Texas chain...Central Market. It wasnt horrible it just wasnt rave about good. In fact I'd compare it to any regular yogurt that you can buy at any mega mart with the exception that the ingredients may have been healthier...that being said I am a Fage girl myself and this yogurt was nothing like so maybe it's just me.

    2. Interesting. We've been eating Rachel's organic yogurt for years here in England, but I've never seen those exotic flavors! Come to think of it, they have had some new flavors in the supermarket (Waitrose) I go to. I think an orange flavor I bought recently was Rachel's. I like it. I find their plain yogurt is milder, not as sour as some of the others.

      1. I just picked up a cup the other day at Whole Foods - pomegranet acai. It was very tart and tasty...not sure it was worth the calories, but I'd really like to see more variety from that company offered besides the exotic flavors.

        Seems like they are high in sugar, and I'd like to compare. I try to stay away from the "light" yogurts with the splenda, but most others - aside from Fage - have too much sugar for me to justify it as a healthy breakfast. I'm OK with natural sugar, but 28-32g of sugar per container seems like a lot to me...

        1. I have really enjoyed these yogurts. I have bought them at Whole Foods. I especially liked the chai and the cherry blueberry ones. However, I tend to eat yogurt as a "dessert" at lunch so I like the fact that they are a bit sweet. (For comparison the other yogurts I like are a few of the Stonyfield farm flavors, Fage with honey and Brown Cow - so not as sweet as Yoplait, Columbo, etc, but no fake sugar and definitely kind of sweet.) Also, they are not as thick as Fage, but sometimes I actually prefer the thinner kind of yogurt.

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            hmmm, mixed reviews. well, it seems as though everyone who bought it at whole foods is on the east coast, so i'll have to see if it's available here in the california stores yet.

            thanks for the input!

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              my daughter likes rachel's yogurt very much-she will only eat natural or organic yogurts.

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                It's available in Denver, so it's definitely moving west.

                Oops, just realized how old this was...never mind!

            2. Resurrecting this old post as I just bought 5 different kinds of Rachel's Essence Yogurt. Just tried the Vanilla Chai, and was appalled at how overly sweet it was! Evaporated Cane Juice is Ingredient #2 - don't know / haven't researched if that's the same as other American yogurts like Stonyfield Farms, but I couldn't believe that all I tasted was sweet. Vanilla? Barely. Chai? Pfffft - absolutely none. I also have the Plum Honey Lavender in the work fridge, but based on what I've read here about it, doesn't look like that's going to be any better. What a sorry disappointment. Glad I didn't spend a whole lot. Throwing them out won't bother me as much.

              Back to Stonyfield Farm's for their French Vanilla, and Fage Greek yogurt for plain that I then mix things into.

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                all of the above are likea low-fat version of melted ice cream-thick and creamy and tart and sweet
                want-to -like-but -dont
                [liberte[BRAND]-plum is WONDERFUL though

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                  It's a texture thing for me. I wanted to like Rachel's but it was too runny. Same with Wallaby. Conversely, Stoneyfield is too grainy - like there's too much milk solid and pectin instead of actual cream.

                  Faves are Liberte and Emmi.

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                    I like the Honey Lavender quite a bit. It's a little on the thin side but I think it has a nice tartness to it.

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                      I had the Plum Honey Lavender today (I like that it's called Calm, too!). Tasty! No, it's not Fage, but it's not Greek yogurt. It's like the old-school custard, no-need-to-stir-the-fruit-on-the-bottom kind. I like it! And, yes, nice tartness. Yum!

                      I think we are spoiled after eating Fage...what isn't runny in comparison?! ;)

                  2. I really wanted to like these. I tried the pomegranate blueberry. It was too sweet for me to even finish. The texture was a little runny, but the sweetness was what did it for me.

                    1. I'm surprised at the "sweet" comments. The parent company is here in the UK and I would not describe the products as overly sweet. Perhaps they are made to a different formula on your side of the pond (or, perhaps not and it's just we Brits have a sweeter tooth).

                      I like the fact that they are organic and are our only product readily available in supermarkets. Similar to Kagey's comments a couple of years back, I prefer the plain yoghurt to the flavoured ones. Good with the breakfast muesli.

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                        I have to say I recently just tried the coconut flavored one, and it's really good. almost not like yogurt at all. I would probably treat it on a par with other sweet treats like ice cream.

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                          Kagey, if you really like coconut, there's a new coconut milk yogurt from Turtle Mountain that's supposed to be good...


                      2. As a yogurt lover, I was expecting to be wowed and wasn't. Bought all flavors one day at WF's (seemed to be the only local supplier) and used the Chai version in a muffin recipe. For the $$, I expected much more.

                        1. I tried it because, like you, I thought it sounded fabulous. It was only ok, a little thin, and for the extra cost, I won't be buying it again. I think I'm thoroughly hooked on Greek-style yogurt.

                          Oh, and BTW, I wasn't excited about the Rachel's flavored cottage cheeses either.

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                            Do you recall what you paid? Mine was only 99 cents at Whole Foods if IIRC...and I don't even think it was on sale. I'm with you, though, NOTHING beats Greek-style yogurt, esp. Fage.

                          2. I pick these up at Super Target for my husband, the yogurt snob. He's tried most of the flavors and likes the Pomegranite Acai best. He claims its thicker than the other flavors. *shrug* I dunno. I prefer the Greek stuff myself....