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Sep 17, 2007 02:45 PM

best cheesesteak in delaware county

in search of the best cheesesteak in delaware county. i know somewhere in delco there is a place with great cheesesteaks and would like to here from locals where that gem is. thanks ahead for your replies.

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      1. re: idia

        Chester Pike east of 420 in Folcroft

    1. Don't laugh, but I really like the cheesesteaks from the South Philly cheesesteak co at the Granite run mall. There's nothing like cheesesteak served with ranch, bacon fries.

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      1. re: iheartfoodalways

        thats not a could be a heat attack or a diaster, but certainly not a cheesesteak

      2. Italian Delite, La Forno, and Pinocchio's. All are good although I rank I.D. the highest.

        1. I agree with La Forno in Media - top notch. I also like Thunderbird on West Chester Pike in Broomall. Both are eat-in or take out as opposed to Leo's which is take out only.

          1. The original comment has been removed