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Sep 17, 2007 02:30 PM

Solo chow in Mexico City?

I'll be in Mexico City later this week for 2 nights business, then Fri/Sat just to play around. I might be on my own for a couple of lunches/dinners... any suggestions where to go? I would guess somewhere where you can sit at a bar... but open to any suggestion.

I speak fluent Spanish and don't mind getting off the beaten path a bit. It won't be my first time in Mexico City, but I haven't been there in 12 years, so it might as well be.


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  1. How about some first rate antojitos? I like the Taquería Tlaquepaque, Calle Independencia 4, Colonia Centro. It's about 1 or 2 blocks south of Avenida Júarez and less than a block west of Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas. But, they don't have a bar where you can sit, AFAIK.

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      Thanks, Anonimo. That sounds like a great start. I can definitely live without a place to sit at the bar. Anything in particular I should try?

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        The tacos de chuleta, queso and nopal are good. Actually, just about anything there has been a treat. They also have soups and quesos fundidos, which we haven't tried. It's a big, working class type hall of a place.

        Another taquería, with a more intimate and bar-like atmosphere, is "El Huequito", on Bolívar, about 1 block south of Rep. de Uruguay. The specialty for me are "tacos Ingleses"; grilled beef with Salsa Inglesa, ie., Worcestershire Sauce. The problem recently is that the streets are very torn up for reconstruction, and it's a real mess to walk about. Also, we haven't been to it since 2004, so my info, except for the torn up streets, may not be current.

    2. A great place is Salon Corona, Bolivar street, half a block from Madero street, Centro Historico. Great for draft beer and very good tortas, try the pierna, lomo or pulpo. Friendly cowd at the bar.

      1. You did not mention where in Mexico city???, Could be downtown, La condesa, Polanco, Santa Fe, Zona Rosa, etc... Where are you staying?