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Sep 17, 2007 01:39 PM

Eating meat again and I want a burger

So after 18 years of being a vegetarian, I have decided to integrate a little bit of meat back into my diet. Now I don't want just any burger, and my reasons for not eating meat are still haunting me a bit, so I will need the best burger in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area, from a place that is conscientious about where/how they obtain their meat (not looking for a political debate, just some ideas where I can rest easy on this).


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  1. Oh welcome back, my friend. Unfortunately all my favorites are at places that you FOR SURE know they aren't getting sustainably raised/organic/free range meat. (Bartley's, O'Sullivan's, Druid are at the top of my list.) So I'd suggest you flip the question ... find a restaurant that does organic sustainable etc and see if they have a burger. Henrietta's Table immediately came to mind but I have no idea if they serve the old juicy. Anyone else know of politically correct burger options?

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      yumyum's point is right on - many of the area's best burgers are in no way locally raised, grass fed, non-hormone treated little patties of tastiness. I know Christopher's in Porter Square serves Coleman naturally raised beef - no hormones, no antibiotics, no preservatives, only veggie fed (corn, in this case, I think). They're out of CO. I really liked Christopher's when I was a vegetarian a few years ago and still like their burgers and other bar nibbles.

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        Johnny D's in Davis also uses Coleman beef. For my money, they also have more consistent fries and better hamburger rolls than Christopher's.

        That said, I prefer nearly everything else on the Christopher's menu to Johnny D's, including the fries when they're fresh.

    2. The Grille Zone near BU comes to mind - they've gotten great reviews on this Board, and they are overall very environmentally/animal conscious... if you do a quick search on this board, and check out the recent Globe Cheap Eats review, I think you'll find they meet your criteria... even if it doesnt have a pub-type ambience.

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        Ack, I keep meaning to try this place but never seem to get around to it. They use certified Hereford beef, by the way.

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          Eastern Standard has an excellent burger. For your first time I would go there. Then once you are comfortable again eating burgers go to Bartleys.

      2. It's foliage season. Take your bike and hop on the train to Concord and take a bike ride to Nancy's Airfield Cafe in Stow for a locally raised lamburger.

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          1. I wonder if places like the Miracle of Science group, Deep Ellum, Bukowski's, River Gods, B-Side, or Atwood's, just for examples, places of that ilk use humane sources of meat without pretentiously waving that flag? Might be worth to ask at your favorite local neighborhood joint, particularly ones that have any number of veg-friendly items on the menu.